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I’ve always loved the city scene: the tall buildings, busy people, historic churches, fancy restaurants, and so much life going on in one spot. The term ‘hustle and bustle’ seems so cliche but that’s what draws me to the city! Downtown also provides many beautiful and creative spots for pictures! Specifically, downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma has a lot of great spots for your Senior Photoshoot Experience. This blog post will highlight walls or sides of buildings that can be found in downtown Tulsa to use as an amazing background for your senior pictures. Future blog posts will show spots that offer more scenic views of downtown with tall buildings, downtown parks, and cool parking garages.

Most seniors who choose the Ultimate Senior Photoshoot Experience will start in downtown Tulsa and then move to a nearby park for their second location. Spending half of your Ultimate or all of your Basic Photoshoot in downtown will allow you to have 3-4 different spots along the city streets. Pick your favorites carefully! Also, know that I am always exploring (and open to finding) new spots downtown. (Really, I’m open to finding new spots anywhere!) The following spots are by no means the only cool spots in Tulsa! Every time I go downtown I am always looking for a new spot and sometimes my seniors are the ones to point out a new inspiring location!!

Sometimes it’s best to have your outfit selected first and then choose your favorite spots for your downtown outfit. In this blog, pay attention to the color and style of the senior’s outfits and the locations they are photographed in. Andrea (pictured above) stands out against the Teal Wall while Kira’s blue dress (below) goes well with the teal wall without clashing. In the second example: Brita’s floral top has touches of blue, pink, and peach, which pairs well with the orange stairs she is sitting on. As you scroll through the blog take notice of what the senior is wearing and how that works with the style, color, and mood of their background. The options are endless and I am always available to help you strategically plan your outfit with your downtown location!

Note: The downtown location does require a bit of walking; please bring an extra pair of shoes that you can walk in! Also, be prepared for downtown/ street parking (and feel free to ask me any questions on parking).

Teal Wall

View Kira’s Senior Photoshoot Experience that started in downtown Tulsa.

Orange Stairs

Brita’s Senior Photoshoot Experience started out with sunshine and rainbows in downtown Tulsa and then turned to grey skies with a huge thunderstorm warning.

Historic Bank Building

Sofia’s (below) photoshoot was completely downtown and her dress matched the scene perfectly!

Geometric White Wall

Gema’s absolutely slayed her Senior Photoshoot in downtown Tulsa! We were able to hit 5-6 spots, she was so comfortable in front of the camera.

Tulsa Parking Garage

Church Buildings

Pilar’s whole photoshoot was downtown and she knew exactly what spots she wanted to go to! Check out her blog post.

Sophia dealt with a constantly chilly wind during her Senior Photoshoot Experience. But looking through her blog post, you’d never know it!

Boulder Bridge

This bridge features steel icons depicting Tulsa’s history. Among the many images are: dance, drama, music, airplanes, space shuttle, Route 66, vintage car, train, birds/ hawks, and a few bison.

Click here to see Kate’s musical-themed Senior Photoshoot Experience.

Grey Stairs

Andrea lit downtown Tulsa on fire during her Senior Photoshoot Experience. Check out her blog post to see the rest of her downtown images.

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If you’re interested in scheduling a Senior Photoshoot Experience, skip the contact form on my home page and go directly to my Senior Experience Page to start planning your photoshoot! Filling out the questionnaire will provide the details we need to get the ball rolling right away!

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