A Musical Wonderland with Jenks Senior Kate

Kate and her sweet momma Suzie went location scouting downtown a few days before Kate’s Senior Photoshoot Experience. They found one of the best spots for Kate, who is a music lover: a section of bridge with some music notes ironwork on the side of it. They sent me pictures of the spot on the bridge and they were so excited!! During her photoshoot, the sun came out and I instantly wondered how this would affect the location on the bridge. Where would the sun be? Would the lighting and location be just right? You never know… what would I do if it was all wrong? If the sun would be blaring straight into her face? What if there wasn’t a creative angle I could get to capture what Kate wanted? I made up my mind to be determined, to capture this spot on the bridge however I could, the best that I could because Kate deserves that! We parked the cars and walked down the street. Kate and I were chatting about something and I looked up as we rounded the corner and I almost lost my mind. Perfection. The sun was at the perfect point in the sky- PERFECT. The bridge was backlit with a golden glow as golden hour was just starting. Complete perfection. Still in disbelief, I fired off a test shot and I could have jumped up and down! In fact, I showed Kate and Suzie because we were all so overjoyed for this spot, a musical wonderland with Jenks Senior Kate.

To Kate, band is life. So it’s no surprise that the very first shoot location she planned was in front of the gold trimmed building downtown with her saxophone. A perfect combination! Her other ‘must have’ location downtown was the bridge with the music notes and we all know how that one turned out already. Kate is preparing to go to college to study music in the hopes that she will teach music along side a performance carrier. She has an amazing passion for making music with others and wants to also help foster that desire in younger generations as well.

Kate is one of my Senior Models; if you’re thinking you’ve seen that beautiful young lady before, you’d be right! Her Senior Photoshoot Experience started in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma and ended at Gathering Place. Gathering Place is so beautiful and there are so many spots where you can’t tell you’re right in the middle of a giant playground!


You are the sweetest. I am so, so glad that we got to plan your individual Senior Photoshoot Experience outside of the Senior Model Team! I really enjoyed working with you and photographing you again! I had a blast and I adore your images!!! You are a beautiful person inside and out, so welcoming and friendly. I think you’ll make a great music teacher!! I sincerely hope you love the highlights from your senior photoshoot!

Check out Kate’s amazing performance on the Class of 2020 Senior Model Team Blog!!

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No two downtown/ Gilcrease photoshoots are alike! It’s a photoshoot combo that I do a lot but the beautiful Kira wanted to put her own spin on each location. I adore her senior photoshoot!

If you’re interested in scheduling a Senior Photoshoot Experience, skip the contact form on my home page and go directly to my Senior Experience Page to start planning your photoshoot! Filling out the questionnaire will provide the details we need to get the ball rolling right away!

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