Jenks Senior Pilar

She came to America with her parents for her junior year in high school; she made friends, met a guy she started to date, and began to fall in love with our culture. She knew her stay in the states was only temporary and that at the end of the year, her parents would go back to Spain. When the end of the year came, she wasn’t ready, so she asked her parents if she could stay. Staying meant she had to find an organization that would allow her to continue her study abroad, find a host family to stay with, and finally, she had to have her visa extended AND approved. Because of my own study abroad, I understand the incredible dedication and time that it takes to achieve this kind of dream. But Pilar is an exceptional young lady, who I have a feeling will be flawlessly making her own path in this world for a long time to come.

If you haven’t already guessed, once Pilar sets her mind to something, she gets it done! She currently speaks 4 languages: Spanish, English, French, and Latin, and she’s learning a 5th- Chinese! I was impressed when she was talking about the Chinese language and what she had learned so far. We talked about the difference in the languages with the same character alphabet versus a language with symbols as letters. She told me it was a lot easier when you think of them as letters and start to learn what all the strokes of the symbols mean. As one might expect, it is a complex and methodical language.

As we walked around downtown Tulsa for Pilar’s one hour Senior Photoshoot Experience, we talked about her plans for the future. Pilar intended to go to school in Europe but now that she has fallen in love with Oklahoma, she may also stay right here and go to one of the area universities. I know whatever she decides to do, that she can make it happen! She is driven, kind, very friendly, and I bet she makes one of the best friends a girl could have.


Thank you so much for the blessing of working with you for your senior photography. I was encouraged by your story and perseverance to find a way to make your dreams happen. You are so brave at a very young age and have a very determined mind with things you care about. I enjoyed your photoshoot experience so much and loved photographing you! I hope you love the highlights from you photoshoot!!

Pilar’s jacket by Riddle Custom

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