Dreamy Golden Hour During Jenks Senior Sofia’s Photoshoot

Sofia walked toward me wearing a beautiful white dress outlined with gold, she had golden earrings dangling from her ears, and dashes of warm highlights on her cheeks. We met in front of the infamous stone and gold-window building downtown. She loved that it matched her outfit and she complemented the amazing detail in the historic window trim. It was the best spot to pair with her outfit! The sun was just starting to set, creating a very dreamy golden hour during Jenks senior Sofia’s photoshoot.

One thing that impressed me about Sofia is how mature, graceful, and genuinely kind she is! She was born in Venezuela and has lived in America since she was young. I can see that she is very close with her parents and respects them immensely. I am sure her maturity and being close with her parents is a wonderful result of having travelled as a child. Yoslemy and Juan Carlos, Sofia’s mom and dad, dressed up to match her golden dress so they could be her ‘extra’ during her photoshoot- so sweet!

Walking into Williams Green, a city block-sized park in front of the BOK tower, we noticed a small group of people lighting tea light candles all around one end of the water fountain. I immediately guessed it would be a proposal. Sofia and I continued shooting during the gorgeous golden hour as the group lit a hundred or more tea lights. We moved to the opposite end of the water fountain to finish her photoshoot. Just as soon as we were done shooting, while Sofia was still sitting on the edge of the water fountain, a younger guy from the group of candle-lighters walked past us holding the hand of a young lady… I crouched down next to Sofia and quietly said “I think this is it!!” The couple walked up to the side of the water fountain and after he climbed into the water, he pulled her in with him. She covered her mouth as she looked around at the twinkling candles. I think she knew what was happening. He held her hand and then dropped down to one knee, in the water. There was a pause where Sofia and I could only assume he was asking her to marry him, a happy noise, he popped up out of the water, scooper her up and spun her around! She said yes! What a wonderful way to end a photoshoot: with a romantic proposal!! Sofia, her parents, and I were on cloud nine as we left the park and went our separate ways.


It was an absolute pleasure to photograph you for your Senior Photoshoot Experience. Not only was your photoshoot so dreamy with the perfect combination of gold accents and golden hour but I will not soon forget the romantic proposal we got to watch! I have no doubt you will grow up into a wonderful and amazing young lady who accomplishes anything you want to achieve with class, style, and generosity. It was so much fun to work with you and get to know you! I really hope you enjoy just some highlights from your downtown senior photoshoot!

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  1. Kim says:

    Ahhh! I love her outfit! It goes perfectly with the location! What a dream!

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