Booker T Washington Senior Andrea is Sweet and Sassy

Andrea originally had her photoshoot scheduled for one of those lovely Oklahoma evenings where it was sunny and warm, but also raining at the same time. This weather pattern still confuses me after years of living here. Andrea’s photoshoot was rescheduled for a prefect Oklahoma fall day- not too warm and not too cold or windy: it was just right! We started her photoshoot in downtown Tulsa and Andrea’s outfit matched the scene; we laughed as we called her one shoulder long-sleeve top the “sweet and sassy shirt“. Andrea thought it fit her personality well.

We chatted like friends on a stroll through downtown, stopping occasionally to take pictures in a spot here or there. She was up for any adventurous location I wanted to try and one of those locations paid off big time! We went to the rooftop level of a parking garage. From the lighting to the beautiful downtown buildings, and of course Andrea, everything was picture perfect! After leaving downtown, we went to Gilcrease Museum and headed for the backfields, but not before Andrea changed into her cowboy boots. Her poor feet did some serious walking in the adorable back heels she had on but she said they were so comfortable in the boots when it came to the second part of her photoshoot. The second hour of Andrea’s photoshoot took on a more western/ country theme with her cowboy boots, the infamous tall grass field, and just a sprinkling of rustic wood backgrounds.


Thank you so much for hanging out with me for an evening for your Senior Photoshoot Experience. You are so sweet and thoughtful that I had a blast getting to know you, photographing you, and walking around town for your shoot! I love your dynamic of sweet and sassy and classy to country from your outfit and location selections. I think you’re right, after getting to know you some, I think they do fit you well! I really hope you enjoy a few of the highlights from your amazing senior photoshoot!

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