Union High School Senior AJ

As we walk down Main Street in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, AJ tells me that he taught himself how to play the piano. Not only did he teach himself the piano but he did so within just a few days! WHAT? I am instantly shocked. I still am impressed. I ask him a ton of questions on how he did that and why. He humbly answers my questions replying that he’s musically inclined, he was bored so he had time, he knew how to read music, and he wanted to learn. As we continue to walk down the street, I turn to his sweet momma, Jasmine, and say to the both of them “even still, that is a pretty big deal that you taught yourself how to play!” Only then did this Union High School senior AJ accept the praise and humbly replied with “thank you.”

Jasmine told me that when AJ was little and had done something where he was sent to his room, he would spend the time learning the alphabet that was on his bedroom walls. She isn’t surprised that he taught himself to play the piano, she explains as she looks at him with pride! AJ has been singing since he could first use his voice and learned to play the violin in the 6th grade. In fact, he left his Senior Photoshoot Experience to go play in a concert: he was already dressed for the part! AJ thinks he will stay in Oklahoma for college and is currently weighing his options. It wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up with a few offers from different schools in the state!

AJ (and Jasmine),

Thank you so much for the honor of taking your senior pictures. It was so great to get to know you during the process and work with you on photoshoot day! My favorite part of the photoshoot was at the very end when you said “I actually had fun!” I am so glad you did because I was having a blast too. I can’t wait to see what you do in the future and where your amazing musical talent takes you!!! I really hope you enjoy these highlights from your Senior Photoshoot Experience on Main Street in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

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