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Your Photoshoot Experience

Your engagement photoshoot comes with custom planning, the Couple Style Guide, and the helpful Location Guide. I suggest the Ultimate Photoshoot for engagements because it provides you and your fianc√© with a large variety of images in your final gallery.  You also have the option to change clothes and locations.

Click here to see Katie and Dywren's Engagement Photoshoot.

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Photoshoot Experience

From professional to creative, we can work together to plan a headshot photoshoot that is just what your business needs. The Basic Photoshoot is best for a yearly refresher for a new headshot and marketing images. Where the Ultimate Photoshoot is great for a first expansive collection of images for a new headshot, website images, and social media images. 

Click here to view a recent headshots photoshoot.


Your maternity photoshoot comes with custom planning, the Couple Style Guide, and the helpful Location Guide. If you'd like maternity photos of just you or just you and your husband, the Basic Photoshoot may be best. If you're wanting a combination of you and your husband and a change of clothes then the Ultimate Photoshoot would be best.

Click here to see Leah and Tyler's first maternity photoshoot.


The Basic Photoshoot is great for an immediate family unit with only one outfit and one location selection. The Ultimate Photoshoot is great for immediate family who would like an outfit change or a location change. The Ultimate Photoshoot also allows for larger families or multigenerational family photoshoots. Your family photoshoot comes with custom planning, the Family Style Guide, and the helpful Location Guide.

Click here to see the Potter's family spring photoshoot. 


***Spaces for newborn photoshoot are limited. Please complete the contact form for specific newborn pricing.

Your newborn photoshoot will take place in your home which allows you and baby to be more comfortable for the newborn photography experience. We'll work to find the perfect room for the newborn portraits and plan your first family photos together. You'll receive many helpful guides and emails so that you feel prepared for your photoshoot day! I do bring a lot of things with me for newborn photoshoots but I encourage you to gather blankets and outfits that are special to you and baby.

Click here to view a recent newborn photoshoot.


"This is the second time my family has used Amanda for family pictures and I have to say that she is such an amazing photographer. She has a fun bubbly character which makes you so comfortable and relaxed, and she makes the overall experience very fun. Her work is very exquisite. I have worked with several photographers, but Amanda is the best out there. You will love how your pictures look. I cannot wait to work with her again!!"


-Bimbola O. from Broken Arrow, OK

Photoshoot Investment

The Ultimate Photoshoot provides you and your family with additional camera time, the option for more than one location, an outfit change, and a much larger gallery!

ULTIMATE Photoshoot

Starting at $350

- Custom photoshoot planning
- Helpful Style and Location Guides
- Two hour photoshoot
- Two outfits
- One or two locations
- Online gallery of 80-100 images
- High resolution images
- Social media friendly sized images

The Basic Photoshoot is perfect for your yearly family photoshoot which will capture this beautiful phase in your life for years to come!

Basic Photoshoot

Starting at $210

- Helpful Style and Location Guides
- A 45 minute photoshoot
- One outfit 
- One location
- Online gallery of 30 images
- High resolution images
- Social media friendly sized images