8 Things To Add To Your Senior Photoshoot Experience

Think about this for a moment: what is the most important thing from your senior year or high school experience? Maybe your favorite times of high school were hanging out with your tight nit family, or watching movies with your dog, or hanging out with your best friend. Maybe you spent every waking moment on the soccer field, practicing your violin, or learning a new cheer routine. So what is it for you? The thing that best represents you or your activities from your high school career. I encourage you to bring this “extra” to your Senior Photoshoot Experience. It is, after all, a little piece of you, your hobbies, or your high school experience, so why not? Today’s blog post is all about things to add to your Senior Photoshoot Experience.

For my senior pictures, I brought my cat Preshous (pronounced “precious”). Preshous was given to me as a birthday present in the 6th grade and so by 12th grade, I’d had her for 6 years already. Thinking back as I write this, I don’t know why my mom let me bring a cat to a local park during my senior photoshoot. Maybe it’s because Preshous wasn’t any ordinary cat and our bond was definitely very unique. Everything went well and Preshous endured the five minute excursion with class and grace while she was tucked safely in my arms.

…it helps tell the story of your senior year.

I could have also incorporated swimming or my love for photography into my senior photoshoot experience, invited one of my best friends, or worn my letterman’s jacket. There were many things I loved, hobbies I enjoyed, and people that I spent much of my time with. Bringing an “extra” to your Senior Photoshoot Experience goes beyond taking pretty pictures: it helps tell the story of your senior year. It gives you a visual memory of what your high school free time was filled with and what is important to you now.

During the planning process of your Senior Photoshoot Experience, I will ask you what “extras” you plan to bring to your photoshoot and then we’ll add this to your photoshoot timeline. For a Basic Photoshoot, there’s time for one item or person as an “extra.” And for the Ultimate Photoshoot, you have enough time for up to one person/ small group (like your immediate family) and one item. What makes you, you? What has had a significant impact on your senior year? What have you been dedicated to through high school? Let’s photograph it! Below are a few examples to help you dream up the perfect additions to your Senior Photoshoot Experience.


Hannah used a clear umbrella and wore a flower crown with a long, flowy, white dress to create a magical and more editorial feel to her images. Adding special items like a vintage bike or bouquet of flowers are a few great ideas as well!


Bishop Kelley Senior Hannah brought her high school soccer jersey and a new soccer ball to her Senior Photoshoot Experience. She played soccer through high school and went to college to play as well.

immediate family

Katie and her sweet momma are obviously huge OSU fans. This Owasso High School senior wanted her mom to have some camera time too during her Senior Photoshoot Experience. PS. Those giggles? All them!

Jenks Senior Sofia invited her mom and dad to her photoshoot and they were dressed for the occasion! Sofia’s mom and dad were dressed to match the outfit that she wore for the remainder of her Senior Photoshoot Experience. They were all wearing the same color pallet and that’s the major thing that makes these images so awesome!


Hunter drove his super cool Mustang to his Senior Photoshoot. When planning his senior pictures, we intentionally chose a location that he liked with a quiet parking lot so that we wouldn’t have other cars or people in the background of these images. Hunter made sure the car was washed, cleaned out, and shinning so it was photo ready too!


Booker T Washington Senior Chloe serenaded Gilcrease Museum grounds with her violin during her Senior Photoshoot Experience and it was like watching her come to life.

For Kate, the Jenks band is her high school family. She has accomplished so many amazing things with her saxophone, I can’t even start to list them. Not only is she passionate about making music, but she’s also very talented as well!

animal/ pet

If you’re an animal lover (like me… and Alex) that means you might have a secret wish to bring your four-legged friend to your Senior Photoshoot Experience. Alex has been in FFA ever since she was young and this is something she plans to continue as she moves from high school, chooses a field for college, and starts a career. We went to her school barn for the last 40 minutes of her Senior Photoshoot Experience so her FFA lamb, Nova, could join us. What a special, unique, and wonderful thing it was for us and her mom!

school pride

Broken Arrow Senior Nicole worked hard for her National Championship title in Cheerleading! She chose to wear her jacket and her high school class ring during her senior pictures to show off these accomplishments.

Fourth generation Broken Arrow Pride Band member, Avery, went from her photoshoot to a football game immediately after to play in the band. She eats, sleeps, and lives all things band and so you better believe she wore her high school letterman jacket to her Senior Photoshoot Experience.


Sabrina wanted to celebrate her heritage by having her home country, Venezuela, represented throughout her senior pictures. She brought the Venezuelan flag that we used a few times and included her mom with the flag in the last section of her photoshoot. I have no doubt that these are images that she will cherish forever.

Sophia grew up in Venezuela participating in her favorite sport, inline speed skating. Since moving to America, she has missed her beloved sport as there isn’t much of an arena for it in Tulsa.

No matter what (or who) you choose to bring with you to your senior photoshoot, we’ll have fun incorporating what is important to you into your gallery. Your Senior Photoshoot Experience will tell a better story of you!

If you’re interested in scheduling a Senior Photoshoot Experience, skip the contact form on my home page and go directly to my Senior Experience Page to start planning your photoshoot! Filling out the questionnaire will provide the details we need to get the ball rolling right away!

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