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While downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma doesn’t have streets and streets full of skyscrapers, there is one street that makes the city look bigger than it is. This blog post will feature the more scenic views that Tulsa has to offer all on that one street: Boston Ave. This cityscape provides many beautiful and creative spots for your senior pictures featured in part two of this series on locations in Tulsa. The first blog post highlights really cool walls or sides of buildings that can be found downtown. I’m hoping to create a future blog post will feature painted murals that can be found in the downtown area.

Most seniors who choose the Ultimate Senior Photoshoot Experience (and want a city-feel location) will start in downtown Tulsa and then move to a nearby park for their second location. Spending half of your Ultimate or all of your Basic Photoshoot along Boston Avenue will allow you to have 3-4 different spots along the city streets. Pick your favorites carefully! Also, know that I am always exploring (and open to finding) new spots. The following locations are by no means the only cool places in Tulsa! Every time I go downtown I am always looking for a new spot and sometimes my seniors are the ones to point out a new inspiring location!!

Selecting a downtown location with tall buildings and those beautiful scenic views means you get a lot of the cityscape feel: street signs, cars, people walking, and so much more! Some of these things are unavoidable, it’s part of the life of the location. However, with the way that I photograph my seniors, the background is more blurry and then the senior stands out against everything going on behind them. Some like this part of the city in their photos and some would rather it be avoided if possible. As you scroll through these images take note of angles and downtown spots where the city ‘noise’ is more prevalent or more subtle. When we’re planning your Senior Photoshoot Experience, let me know if you have a preference one way or the other.

Note: The downtown location does require a bit of walking; please bring an extra pair of shoes that you can walk in! Also, be prepared for downtown/ street parking (and feel free to ask me any questions on parking).

Williams Center Bridge

Sofia’s Senior Photoshoot Experience was solely downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma and these glowy portraits of her during golden hour are among my favorite from her senior photos! Click here to see the blog post from her photoshoot!

Tulsa Clock

When you google Tulsa, this is one of the first iconic things you’ll see… the Tulsa Clock. Hailey loved to have this piece of history to be apart of her senior pictures.

Williams Green

If you’d like to soften the cityscape with a natural feel and some greenery, William’s Green is the perfect spot! It is a small park with a beautiful water fountain with The Williams Center in the background.

Kira wanted some downtown images that maintained a natural feel to them, she loves the outdoors and nature! So the Williams Green was a perfect spot for her. Click here to see more from her senior photoshoot.

3rd Street

Third Street is the front part of Williams Green that looks less like a park and more like a city street. Pilar wanted a touch of fall colors for her Senior Photoshoot Experience. These trees along the street are green during the summer and turn a beautiful yellow gold color in the fall!

Brita had amazing weather for the first part of her photoshoot but then read about how the powerful Oklahoma wind almost blew us away!

Vault Parking

I love the color combination of Gema’s shirt and the buildings behind her! PRO TIP: Pairing your outfit with your surroundings helps take your senior pictures to the next level! Gema knocked her senior photoshoot out of the park.

Square Parking Lot

You’d never think a parking lot would be a great place for a photoshoot but check out Andrea’s photos from this Tulsa location. These were probably among my favorites from her photoshoot!

Tall Buildings

First, I’ll say that safety is always key when capturing these images for seniors! Mom generally keeps guard and makes sure no one gets hurt (or run over). There are a few awesome spots to capture the tall buildings from but what it really comes down to is, do you want the BOK tower in the background or not? Maybe you want both like Kate did during her senior photoshoot!

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    So beautiful to that are not the same “look at me . I am a quirky wanna be nature girl. Shot and edited with the same dead grass overlay as every girl in the country.

  2. Angela Lor says:

    May I ask for the address of the square parking lot? I can’t seem to find it. Thank you!

  3. Alexiz Arceo says:

    Can I ask where exactly you took the photos for kate’s rooftop shoot? I absolutely love that location.

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