Broken Arrow Senior Kira

I thought Kira might be the perfect candidate to try a new spot downtown that I have been waiting to try out- her look, style, and outfit were all that I had hoped for when she arrived at the corner of 3rd and Boston Ave. in downtown Tulsa. When she walked up, I was so excited to ask her “there is a wall of teal brick/ tile that I really want to photograph you in front of today, would you be okay with that?” Her immediate response was “Yes! Let’s do it!” Perfect! Just what I was hoping she would say!!

This year I’ve worked with a lot of senior ladies who truly want to help others in their future careers. And Kira is no exception; she wants to go into the field of psychology and help people who are coping with traumatic events or struggle in their daily lives. She is passionate about this area of work because it’s personal but she also wants to help people with some of the hardest wounds we carry in life… the unseen ones. This Broken Arrow Senior, Kira, has the most wonderful and welcoming personality and her gorgeous smile can light up a room. She is quick to trust those who she sees value and honesty in and I believe she is someone who is intensely loyal. She also has an amazing ability to be comfortable in her own skin and confident in her life-story. I imagine this dynamic is what will carry her through a very successful carrier in helping others with their mental and emotional struggles.

Kira’s hair was done by Hannah @_hhshair at Ulta Beauty and her makeup was done by Seth @srgsfx! Her Senior Photoshoot Expereince started in downtown Tulsa where we highlighted the combination of natural elements like water and the beautiful flower beds in an urban setting. There’s a pond outside the BOK tower with the most beautiful blue water to match Kira’s amazing blue dress! After walking all over downtown, we went to Gilcrease Museum. Before taking Kira to the top gardens, I snuck her down to the lower pond for a few pictures because I knew this was a spot that she really wanted, even though she chose a different section of the park for her second hour. The lighting was so soft by the pond and Kira’s yellow skirt complemented the bright green all around her. A match made in heaven!


I loved walking all over downtown and Gilcrease to capture images that show your light and inner beauty! It was so great to get to know you, chat about life, helping others, photography, and connecting with other people!!! I had the best time during your Senior Photoshoot Experience and I really hope you did too. Most of all, I adore your gallery and so I you fall in love with some of these highlights from your photoshoot!!! Enjoy!

No two downtown/ Gilcrease photoshoots are alike! Check out Gema’s amazing Senior Photoshoot Experience and see how different it is from Kira’s!!

Booker T Washington senior Chloe serenaded the Gilcrease grounds while playing her violin during her Senior Photoshoot Experience. She also had a golden hour that dreams are made of! Click here to see here featured blog post!

If you’re interested in scheduling a Senior Photoshoot Experience, skip the contact form on my home page and go directly to my Senior Experience Page to start planning your photoshoot! Filling out the questionnaire will provide the details we need to get the ball rolling right away!

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