Coweta Senior Hunter

Hunter is such a kind, down to earth, and fun guy! I have had the pleasure of working with Hunter twice now; he and his family all have hearts of gold! One of Hunter’s few wishes for his Senior Photoshoot Experience is that I focused on his car somehow so it should be no surprise that this guy is really involved in car clubs. Besides working on, looking at, talking about, and driving cars, Hunter also enjoys fishing, hunting and going to the gym when he isn’t working.

Not only has Hunter done really well for himself in school, he has shown that he is both street smart AND book smart. He currently attends tech school and high school so after he graduates high school he can choose to jump into an immediate carrier or he can choose to go to college. Smart! Smart! Smart! Hunter has worked his way into a difficult choice but one that not many seniors in high school have when they graduate. I was very impressed by this. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to come out of high school and have the world be your oyster like he will.

One funny thing did happen during his photoshoot; in the hour we were at the park, several grown men and their approximately 10-year-old sons showed up in a flood of trucks with shovels. We were a little suspicious of them at first until we saw them all gathering in a sectioned off area of the park. Then Hunter and I were just curious! We never did figure out why the boys were digging in the dirt but they dug something that looked like a “w” or a “3” about 8-10 inches deep covering a 10 foot area. Right as the sun was setting and Hunter’s senior photoshoot had come to an end, the troop collected their shovels and headed for their trucks. Huh. Well, that was weird.

Hunter said he immediately knew that Centennial Park in Owasso, Oklahoma was the spot for his Senior Photoshoot Experience! And I don’t think he could have picked a better spot. The fall colors were on display, giving him a picture perfect backdrop in every photograph. Enjoy scrolling through this Coweta Senior’s photoshoot!!

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A little over a year ago, I photographed Hunter at his mom’s wedding, click here to see their amazing barn wedding in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma!!!

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