Bishop Kelley Senior Hannah

Hannah is very calm, cool, and collected about starting her senior year. She already knows where she’s going for school next year because she will be playing on the soccer team (which is just so awesome!). During her photoshoot she told me most of her friends are talking about applications and are curious as to where they will be accepted. Hannah finds comfort in knowing her future and can simply enjoy her senior year of high school!

Hannah has spent some time in front of the camera, with her friends taking pictures, so she’s pretty confident and was really great to work with! I had a blast doing her senior photoshoot and we laughed a lot. She tried really hard to follow my direction no matter how goofy I was, even if she wanted to laugh at me, she followed my previous direction and didn’t! I wasn’t sure if she thought I was silly or she was trying to do what she was told. In the end, we laughed a lot about it, she was trying to be respectful and do what I had asked her. I think it sums her up nicely; she’s respectful, fun, and kind.

We started at Woodward park; there’s a tree near the mansion at the Tulsa Garden Center that Hannah just loves- she had to get some pictures by that specific tree! “It has a branch that comes out…” she started to explain with a hand motion “and you want to sit in it?” I asked. Yes! It was a great place to start the photoshoot!! Just as we were leaving Woodward, in walking past the top part of the rose garden, there was a sight that stopped me in my tracks. I told Hannah normally I’m pretty confident about the spots I pick on location during a client photoshoot (up to that point, I had been) and I typically don’t ‘try’ a spot that might look great, I ‘know’ a spot will look awesome and that’s why I choose to shoot there. However, I really, really wanted to try the top part of the rose gardens. The sun was flooding in my lens and there would be lens flare I told her, she responded with “I love lens flare!” Awesome!! (So do I!) So, we tired that spot and ohmygosh did it ever work!! Scroll down just a little bit to see… I knew I had to try! Sometimes I’ll try something new and it doesn’t work out, but sometimes, sometimes I am rewarded for my risk and what do yeah know? This time it really worked out!

From Woodward, we went to Gilcrease Museum where we met up with Hannah’s cousin Hailey (maybe y’all will recognize Hailey- she’s one of my 2018-2019 senior models!!) Hannah and Hailey are four days apart from one another. They have gone through life with a bestie, twin-cousins as their mothers refer to them. 😀 I think it’s the sweetest thing! Hailey had her senior photoshoot a few weeks after Hannah, click here to see Hailey’s photoshoot!

This is the spot we ‘tried’ at the very top of the rose gardens at Woodward Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It turned out to be some of my favorites from this photoshoot! When I turned the camera around to show Hannah, all she could say was “wow!”

If you’re interested in scheduling a Senior Photoshoot Experience, skip the contact form and go directly to my Senior Experience Page to start planning your photoshoot! Filling out the questionnaire will provide the details we need to get the ball rolling right away!

I mentioned Hannah’s cousin Hailey is one of my senior models this year. Click here to see the Senior Model Team group photoshoot, which took place at Gilcrease Museum earlier this year in the spring!

The name, Hannah, must have been very popular for girls about 17-18 years ago- click here to see another senior photoshoot, Jenks senior Hannah.

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