Madelyn Turns One Photoshoot Celebration

She was placed in front of her cake, surrounded by pink ribbon and twinkle lights, and what does she do? Scoot away her cake that sat on a glass stand with her tiny feet. No sweet heart, cake is a good thing! Rebecca slides the cake toward her and after a minute of looking around with a ‘what am I doing here?’ expression on her face, she pushes the cake away once again. This time, Murray gently guides it right back front and center for her and then taps the top with his finger. Her response was to slap the top of the cake with an open, flat hand. “Well, that’s closer, miss Madelyn!” I said. Her mom and dad, Rebecca and Murray, were cheering her on: “Smash the cake!” “Eat it!” during part one of Madelyn’s Turning One photoshoot celebration.

Madelyn did eventually decide that cake is yummy and it can be fun to smash! After demolishing the cake during her cake smash, we headed to Gilcrease Museum for a family photoshoot with the three of them. At the very end of the photoshoot, Rebecca pulled out tiny party hats for everyone to wear, an idea that we thought was just adorable! Murray, a constant joker, stated the simple but hilarious fact that “this is what married with kids during a photoshoot looks like.” It was the tone of sarcasm and seriousness in his voice that got me. This was a very obvious display of what he is willing to do to make ‘momma happy’.

Rebecca, Murray, and little Madelyn,

Thank you for allowing me to celebrate miss Madelyn turning one with you! Because you both are more friends than clients, I cherish the time we get to spend together and really enjoy photographing your growing family! I can’t believe it was one year ago that I photographed your maternity photoshoot and then Madelyn’s newborn photoshoot just months later. Where has this year gone? I am so blessed to have great friends like you in my life and I greatly appreciate the laughter we share every time we get together! I hope you enjoy just a few highlights from your afternoon photoshoot celebration.

Take a step back in time to see Rebecca and Murray’s maternity photoshoot from early 2018 near a historic Route 66 setting.

And here’s miss Madelyn’s first appearance in front of my camera during her newborn photoshoot!

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