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Hello there!!

I'm Amanda Hitchen: a photographer, child of God, wife, dog mom, and avid Oregon Ducks football fan.

about me

I'm Amanda

From a young age, I’ve been picking up cameras and photographing anything I thought was interesting. My camera took me through college, where I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts… as a photography major.

No surprise there!

Now, I photograph because it makes my heart sing… actually, I feel like it will burst with joy at times. After my formal education, it took me years of creative self-discovery to find my style, my clients, and my way of serving those I get to work with.

An actual t-shirt I own:
I’m into fitness.
Fit’ness taco in my mouth. 

my favorite things:


places i've been

I've been all over the West Coast, Midwest, and recently Martha's Vineyard. I've also visited Paris, Berlin, London, Madrid, and lived in Pont-Aven, France for four months! 


guilty pleasure

Chocolate chip cookies, sticky notes and fun pens, Gilmore Girls, coffee, coffee, coffee, pastel colors, and the sunset glow.



Decorating my home and working on obedience training with my dogs. And watching college football!!



A Cheeseburger. Honorable mentions would be: fried green tomatoes, Chick-fil-A fries, and Hideaway Pizza with a side of fried mushrooms.



My favorite human is my husband. Meet Paul Hitchen! We met in college in Biology 101. It all started when we were placed in lab group together.


part of my job

On wedding days, I've always been fascinated by the moment after the first look. There's something so sweet about seeing the change in two individual people who come together as one couple. 

I fell once. (Okay, I fall all the time, but during a photoshoot, I fell.) Off a step ladder, in the middle of a very crowded public park… with people and other photographers everywhere… everywhere! Luckily it was a photoshoot with very good friends of mine. The setting sun had just come out on an otherwise cloudy day, the lighting was just right, and my excitement got the best of me. As I was falling down I kept shooting, but I tucked my camera like a college football player on a game-winning tackle. My collar bone took the majority of the fall, along with the hand that was protecting my camera. I instantly started to bruise and was even bleeding a little. 

Needless to say, we took a little break; she changed clothes while I cleaned myself up and looked back at my camera roll: did I get it? The golden light? Well, of course I did! But I also captured something else… I laughed so hard I cried! As I was hovering over a beautiful flower bed, I thought to myself ‘I need to photograph these flowers!’ then I fell straight into them and took their picture on the way down.

Well, that was embarrassing…

Energy – I bring the same drive and enthusiasm to every photoshoot I do. It’s an excitement and energy that’s contagious and something I hope to always give to my clients.

Service – From inquiry to photoshoot day and after gallery delivery, I’m here to serve you, my client, every step of the way.

Guidance – From picking what to wear to how to stand or pose during your photoshoot, I’ll guide you through it all. I freely share my knowledge and experience to help you plan a photoshoot that’s unique to you!!

Enjoyment – My job is to help you feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. Your job is to have fun!

My goals for
client experience...


about you

My clients enjoy the golden glow from sunsets, feminine details and lots of laughter. 

We might be a great fit if you love the golden glow that sunset brings across the grass. If you like details such as puffy sleeves, bows, long dresses, pastels, romantic vibes, and lace. And if having fun, enjoying life, and laughter are important to you! 

Does this sound like you? Inquire with me.




Follow along for more of my latest work, behind the scenes content, decorating updates, fun reels and, of course, lots of puppy related shenanigans.


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