Newborn Madelyn

Happy Mother’s Day, Rebecca!! I hope getting a peek at these warms your heart.

When Rebecca told me that she and Murray were having a girl, I got so excited! After a string of recent boy newborn photoshoot themes I have been eager for all things girly. The color pink, ribbons and bows, and some flowers of course, just to name a few!

Newborn Madelyn had some complications during labor which meant she had to stay in the NICU before going home. To keep her safe, Rebecca and Murray asked to reschedule their newborn session a few weeks. So baby Madelyn is about 26 days in these images, whereas, typical newborns are usually less than 14 days old. However, my rule of “Whatever baby needs, baby gets” definitely includes pushing back a photoshoot until her immune system is strong enough.

Rebecca might be one of the most relaxed and calm mothers I have seen. She didn’t look or act like this was anything new to her even though we talked about the many ways her life had changed since Madelyn was born. Miss Madelyn will surely learn her mother’s strength and stillness in new and difficult situations. Rebecca’s patience is amazing to watch. Murray, of course, has taken to fatherhood just like he does anything else in life- with a large dose of humor!

When I arrived at the Schoen house and started to unload my newborn haul, Murray says “Sorry about Madelyn’s mess…” where I normally reply something along the lines of, you absolutely do not need to apologize, you have a newborn! But before I could, he continued “… I told her to pick up her stuff before she went to bed. Obviously she just went up to bed without doing any cleaning!” My only option was to laugh. He is going to be the best dad, teaching her to find humor in every situation and that laughing with others is the best way to live a full life.

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  1. Nikki Steele says:

    These are so precious! My favorite has to be Madelyn in the angel wings! Love, love, love!

  2. Amy Chamberlain says:

    Wow! Those little feet are just too cute! That little lady is so precious.

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