Broken Arrow Tattoo Parlor Cake Smash

Lisa sent me a message saying she had a unique idea for her daughter’s cake smash and wanted to know what I thought. Jeremy, Lisa’s other half, works at a tattoo parlor in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and she thought it would be cool to have Sunshine’s cake smash at his shop. I read that and thought: this is the kind of location you pick because it means something to you, the kind of idea that makes photoshoots so personal, and these images will be special not only because this is their child at her one year old cake smash but because the location is a part of who Lisa and Jeremy are. I later learned that Lisa and Jeremy met because he was her tattoo artist; how sweet is that?! After finalizing the details, we picked a date when the shop could be closed; can you imagine walking into your tattoo shop only to find a one year old cake smash taking place in the lobby? The thought of that makes me laugh, a cake smash in a tattoo parlor!

Sunshine wanted to be so neat about her cake smash; she picked up the tinniest pieces of frosting and had to show everyone. Then looked a little disgusted that she was dirty. Also, why was everyone cheering for her? After a while her dad helped her out and taught her how to really dig into her cake and then the frosting and cake pieces went flying! She had frosting in her adorable purple tutu, all over her arms, legs, and painted on the floor of the lobby. She destroyed her oversized cupcake made by Not Your Grandma’s Cupcakes in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Lisa, Jeremy, and little miss Sunshine,

Thank you so much for allowing me to celebrate Sunshine turning one! Her cake smash was so much fun and YAY-ing with you all was the best way I could have thought to spend an afternoon. I adore that you chose a location that runs through the fabric of your lives, your relationship, and will be a part of something that Sunshine will grow up knowing. She is a beautiful little girl and just before I left, I told her thank you for hanging out with me for the afternoon. Because I really did enjoy working with you all! I hope you have fun looking through just some highlights of Sunshine’s cake smash in Broken Arrow.

Location: Zen Tattoo … Cake: Not Your Grandma’s Cupcakes … Tutu and Decor: Amazon

Little miss Madelyn had a cake smash and a family photoshoot all in one day- a very big event for turning one! See her cake smash blog post here.

if you have been following me for any amount of time you’ll know that two of my favorite things is golden hour and puppy dogs! Morgann and Kenmon’s fur family photoshoot was filled with both of these!! Needless to say I was in family photoshoot heaven!

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