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A Tulsa, Oklahoma based photographer with a focus on senior photography and wedding photography. I love sunlight, bold but light colors, and natural settings. I am easily excited about this passion of mine and love making new friends. To me, the glass is always half full, fried green tomatoes are the best, and there's nothing better than hanging out with my husband and my dogs. 

People ask me how long I have been photographing, which is actually the hardest question to answer, I've always loved taking pictures! My mom recently sent me a photo of myself at a very young age, sitting in a chair, and holding a camera. Maybe it was then that I started?


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Welcome to Amanda Hitchen Photography!
I am Amanda.

Capturing your "ah..." moments.

Light. Bold. Natural.

We are surrounded by beautiful images of gorgeous people. I am just like you: what I am looking for in a photographer is someone who can create amazing and unique images of me. The Amanda Hitchen Photography experience is driven through passion, attention to details, past personal photography experiences, and years of experience. Through my multi-step process, we'll bring your photoshoot dreams to life, or help you create one! We'll talk about you, your likes and your dislikes to provide you with a photography experience that is uniquely you. This unforgettable experience will deliver a gallery of images that are sure to make you feel like the most gorgeous person in a beautiful photograph.

You deserve beautiful images!


"Amanda surpassed every expectation I had and I could not have picked a better senior photographer. What's different about Amanda is that she really digs deep and gets to know her clients. She offered endless encouragement and compliments throughout my whole shoot that lifted my self esteem tremendously. I had so much fun throughout the entire shoot, I just never wanted it to end! She was such a joy to work with that at the end of my shoot I didn't even care what my pictures looked like because I had had a blast during the process. I fell in love with my photographs and I still love them! The experience you'll have with Amanda Hitchen Photography is incomparable and oh so amazing."


-Hannah D. from Jenks, OK