Newborn Daniel

She calls him “little ducky,” like it’s a question, when he cries. She says it with so much love in her voice, like she’s been saying it for years but he’s only a month old. She kisses him softly on his face as he starts to calm down. Having her there soothes him and fixes whatever was wrong with his world.

Being a photographer that prefers natural light to photograph newborns, sometimes I end up chasing the light around a family’s house. Daniel’s best napping time is in the morning; between breakfast and lunch for us, but for him, it would be considered his second nap of the day. During morning nap time, his mother, grandmother and I moved him from window light in the living room into the kitchen as the sun passed over the house. We found ourselves with the best light coming through a skylight right over the kitchen island. All I can say is, I wish I had a behind-the-scenes-shot to share with y’all! There Daniel was: slumbering away, dreaming about deer hunting with dad and long walks through the forest with mom… and here the three of us are huddled around him on the kitchen island.

Daniel loves to use his very powerful legs to kick, kick, kick! Sometimes holding him means holding ONTO him so he doesn’t jet away.

As far as happy babies go, this one is very happy and calm. On a scream-scale of squawking ducks to a Metallica concert (I have never been to one but I can only imagine…) he’s somewhere around the ducks side of things. His cries and screams are cute rather than maddening.

He strikes a funny pose with his fingers to his chin that looks like he’s deep in thought. I wonder what this newborn genius is thinking about while he explores his new and improved world.

Being only a month old, he can’t support his head yet, and his wondering eyes sometimes make you think he can focus on your face. He is just the cutest baby I have seen in a long time, but I also might be very biased.

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