Newborn Lorine

Little miss Lorine has been surprising her parents from day one. When Courtney and I were scheduling the newborn session, Courtney told me that Lorine would likely come later than her due date because everyone else in Courtney’s family has been a late baby. Well, surprise!! She came early!! It will not surprise me if sweet Lorine carries this unique tradition of hers through her life and dances to the beat of her own drum. She will grow up in a household that will love her no matter who she wants to be and where she wants to go in her life; Walter and Courtney will love her unconditionally and support her completely.

“I’ve got an idea…”

It’s always fascinating watching new parents actually be new parents. Lorine LOVES to swing so to get her to fall asleep for naked baby photos, Courtney said “I have an idea.” She picked up the basket that sweet Lorine was in and started gently swaying it, just inches above the ground. She would softly say “You’re okay, you’re okay” to a slightly cranky Lorine. Too which Walter says “What is the load limit on this thing?” Hahha. They are going to make great parents!

I had so much fun at the Riddle house doing Lorine’s newborn photographs. For quite some time now, I’ve been envisioning a specific newborn setup that I think will be absolutely perfect… and I finally got to try it out! It includes a few mossy ‘floral’ stems around a basket with a beautiful baby in it. Courtney told me that the nursery is woodland themed with pinks and greens… I knew this was my chance to have my vision come to life- plus, Courtney and Walter have the most amazing hard wood floors that they just refinished! A perfect backdrop to complete my vision. Scroll down to see my vision come to life!

Toward the end of the session Courtney had some cute ideas she wanted to try with baby toes. I happily complied because… well, baby toes.

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  1. Nikki Steele says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. These are so precious! Looks like she was a great model. I love all the detail shots of her little toes, hand and lips. It’s hard not to have baby fever seeing these adorable photos.

    • Oh wow Nikki! Thank you so much for your lovely compliments!! Miss Lorine was a great model for me, she is the sweetest! The detail shots are so, so important on a newborn photoshoot (for me!) because yes, those tiny toes and little lips will just keep growing and never be that small again. It’s so great to capture the ah… small details. 😀

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