Victory Christian Senior Gretchen

She changed into her third outfit, which I suspected was one of her favorites. We were standing on a street in downtown Tulsa and after she walked out of POP (my pop-up dressing pod), she turned and looked at herself in the reflection of a window. Instantly, she squealed and jumped up and down which turned into laughter so great that it shocked her whole body. As she bent over with laughter, her mother and I looked at each other and started laughing in surprise too. This Victory Christian senior has a light that is undeniable: a zeal for every wonderful thing in life, and a passion for not just helping, but serving others in His name.

At almost every point in Gretchen‘s Senior Photoshoot Experience, she found excitement in something. When I asked her if she wanted to do some twirling photos with the downtown buildings in the background? You can see there was an energy that went off the charts! This is Gretchen in her natural state: incredibly sweet, full of energy, and so much fun! She loves music, plays the guitar and sings too. Check out her instagram and prepare to be amazed. She volunteers for an organization called The Little Lighthouse which helps children who have special needs and offers support to their families. She not only works with the children, but she is also a Junior Board Member at The Little Lighthouse. 

Gretchen will be able to vote in the upcoming elections and like all things in life, she’s excited! She wanted to wear a special t-shirt to commemorate the event so of course I said yes. (My favorite thing is giving my senior models little perks throughout their senior year because they are so special to me.) We started in downtown Tulsa and then made our way to a grass field in Jenks, Oklahoma. There, Gretchen changed into the most beautiful green, flowy dress. The sticker bushes and bug bites were well worth the amazing photos from this section of her photoshoot! 


My hope for you is that you never lose your light, softness, and generous nature: that you truly believe you are wonderfully made, like your sweet momma has raised you to. I pray that whatever you do from becoming a darling star of a music artist, to a doctor, to a teacher of children, that you always keep His light in everything that you do. It really is one of the most special and unique things about you! I really enjoyed your Senior Photoshoot Experience and getting to spend one on one time with you. I am so glad that you’re a part of my class of 2021 Senior Model Team! I hope you enjoy the highlights from your individual photoshoot. 

One thing that was a must for Edison Prep senior Catherine? That her sweet girl Delilah be able to join her for a few photos during her Senior Photoshoot Experience. Give me all the dogs!

Catch Catherine and Gretchen in the last Senior Model Team photoshoot, the theme? Home Team. They all showed off their school spirit and love of sports. Click here to see the team!

If you’re interested in scheduling a Senior Photoshoot Experience, skip the contact form on my home page and go directly to my Senior Experience Page to start planning your photoshoot! Filling out the questionnaire will provide the details we need to get the ball rolling right away!

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