Victory Christian Senior Hailey

I’ll just go ahead and say it: Hailey is so loved! Her sweet momma Carol couldn’t be with her on photoshoot day so she sent Hailey’s dad, Greg, and a friend, Kyle, along with her to hold things and help. Greg met us at Utica Square, after working a graveyard shift, with McDonalds breakfast piping hot and ready for Hailey to eat before we got started. The ever-so-helpful Kyle also battled the fierce Oklahoma wind and saved Hailey’s beautiful balloons from flying away (many times over!).

Oh yeah, this senior model has a big heart and lot of love for her people, too. Hailey’s Senior Photoshoot Experience was a sunrise photoshoot, which not many choose to get up at 5… 6… in the morning to start getting ready for a photoshoot. An important event came up for Hailey and her family on her original photoshoot day so she opted for the only time available: a sunrise photoshoot. Hailey also volunteers at the Tulsa Dream Center, where the mission is to empower the community of north Tulsa to know God and experience transformation. This fits perfectly with Hailey’s love for serving others and making them happy. 

We started Hailey’s photoshoot at Utica Square just as the world was waking up on a Sunday morning. One great thing about a sunrise photoshoot? You have every spot to yourself! After Utica Square, we headed to downtown Tulsa to her second favorite location. She really wanted some photos in front of the water fountain on Main Street; the ones with her holding the balloons are some of my favorite images!


I have enjoyed getting to work with you and your mom to plan your Senior Photoshoot Experience. Y’all found so many unique ways to make it special and very you. What fun inclusions you had, from the hat and balloons, even to the red smoke bomb!”. You lucked out with some perfect weather and a beautiful fall Oklahoma morning. I hope you enjoy the highlights from your photoshoot- you absolutely rocked it! 

Lyricole’s Senior Photoshoot Experience ended with a glowy sunset, just as glowy as Hailey’s started! I love her look for the tall grass field!

September was full of photographing my senior models and I loved every bit of it! Click here to see this Victory Christian senior’s beautiful photoshoot.

If you’re interested in scheduling a Senior Photoshoot Experience, skip the contact form on my home page and go directly to my Senior Experience Page to start planning your photoshoot! Filling out the questionnaire will provide the details we need to get the ball rolling right away!

  1. Carol Hutchins says:

    Amanda went above and beyond to make my daughter’s Senior photoshoot Fantastic! My daughter had an Amazing, Fun and Wonderful time. And was so Thankful that Amanda was willing to work with some fun props!
    Thank you and Be Blessed Amanda!
    Sincerely, Carol, Hailey’s Momma

    • Amanda Hitchen says:

      I’m always willing to work with wonderful props, y’all had so many great ideas that really did make Hailey photoshoot so special! Thank YOU Carol! You and Hailey are wonderful!!

  2. […] awesome backgrounds and when Emeline and Hailey said they wanted that location I was excited! Click here to check out Hailey’s sunrise photoshoot that started at Utica […]

  3. Carol says:

    What an Amazing experience my daughter had taking her Senior pictures. The creativity, joy, fun and up lifting spirit that Amanda brought to the photo session was refreshing!
    Thank you!

    • Amanda Hitchen says:

      YAY! I am so glad that Hailey enjoyed herself, Carol. She is an amazing and beautiful young lady and I am so honored to have photographed her for her senior portraits! Thank YOU both for trusting me with this, you both are a blessing!!

  4. […] awesome backgrounds and when Emeline and Hailey said they wanted that location I was excited! Click here to check out Hailey’s sunrise photoshoot that started at Utica […]

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