Epic Senior Lyricole

As soon as she walked out of the dressing pod I could tell she was instantly more relaxed, more herself. The jeans and boots she was wearing let her feel more at home. Lyricole is obviously gorgeous in her beautiful deep blue and emerald green dresses. However, when she really started to have fun and be more free was in her third outfit wandering around the tall grass field. 

I have really enjoyed having Lyricole on my Senior Model Team, she’s a great participant and always excited for a photoshoot. Recently, she has become interested in taking photos as well as being in front of the camera! Of course, I highly encourage this! She’s a fun, outgoing, and loving young lady who loves deeply and is intensely loyal to her favorite people. 

Lyricole’s Senior Photoshoot Experience started downtown Tulsa where we focused on a little bit of everything: cool building walls and the tall buildings in the background. I think the part of her photoshoot she was looking forward to most was by the pond at Gilcrease Museum and in the grass field. She brought her sweet little puppy Bella along with her to her photoshoot. Bella is just as tiny and as cute as can be! 


I just adore you! I love that you are always so excited for a photoshoot or to see photos when I post them. You are probably the team’s biggest cheerleader!! YAY!! That spirit for the things you are interested in will do you well in life. No matter what you decide to do, dental hygiene as planned, or anything else, your energetic and sweet personality will definitely take you far! I enjoyed getting to photograph you for your senior pictures and I hope you enjoy the highlights from your beautiful photoshoot! 

It’s amazing to me that each senior is so different and even though their locations might be similar; Gretchen also started her photoshoot downtown and ended in a tall grass field. Click here to see this Victory Christian senior’s beautiful photoshoot.

Catch Lyricole and Gretchen in the last Senior Model Team photoshoot, the theme? Home Team. They all showed off their school spirit and love of sports. Click here to see the team!

If you’re interested in scheduling a Senior Photoshoot Experience, skip the contact form on my home page and go directly to my Senior Experience Page to start planning your photoshoot! Filling out the questionnaire will provide the details we need to get the ball rolling right away!

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