Class of 2020 Senior Model Team, Spring Shoot

Recently, I had an educator compliment me on the diversity of my Class of 2020 Senior Model Team. At the time I thought that was a little odd because while I see their beauty on the outside, the biggest thing I notice about them is how they are more alike than anyone would realize. They’re all incredibly strong young ladies with big, kind hearts, and they are all so successful in their own right. Then I thought about their Senior Model Team applications and what I was looking for were unique ladies who stand out among their peers… tomorrow’s leaders who could think outside the box and make the world move for them. While they may be diverse on so many levels, they are also scholars, supervisors, royalty, and really amazing people. 

I saw a Facebook post that said this class was born in the early 9/11 years and they are finishing high school as the world struggles with the Coronavirus. This was not the way they wanted to end their high school career: the last few months with their life-long friends- canceled. Spring break plans were either canceled or changed drastically. Losing out on finishing their sport season and playing in championship games- something they may have been working on for years or a lifetime. Their dreams of dancing the night away with their friends at prom are threatened and what about walking across the stage at graduation? That’s something they have been working on every day of their young lives. While public safety is absolutely important, my heart goes out to these ladies. I feel so bad for them to have the culmination of everything they have worked for and everything they have to celebrate in their lives be indefinitely postponed or canceled. To have any part of that taken away? That just sucks.

One thing I am sure of is that my nine Senior Model Team ladies will not let what is happening in the world right now stunt them. They will find a way to make the most out of this time even though it may look very different from what they had imagined only two weeks ago. Not only are they wonderfully diverse, but they are all gracious, caring ladies with big hearts and beautiful smiles. I can’t say enough about how ah-mazing they are and I am so proud to have each one of them for my Class of 2020 Senior Model Team! It is a bittersweet thing to say “goodbye” to a wonderful group of high school seniors.

Kate is so responsible, organized, and has a passion for music that drives her to excellence. Out of applicants across the country, she was selected to join the national Honor Band of America. She is also been a part of All-State and other local honor bands as well. 

Click here to see Kate’s own individual Senior Photoshoot Experience.

Sydney doesn’t waiver with change. She has a huge heart for serving the Lord and others. She is a hard worker and doesn’t mind using her vacations for things like mission trips and devotion to her faith. When things don’t work out in her favor? She finds a different way. 

Alyssa was recently promoted to supervisor at her place of employment and I know she will do a wonderful job. I have had the opportunity to photograph all of her siblings during her senior year as they are in celebratory phases in life. Alyssa and I get along so well and we look so much alike that we joke that she could be my littlest sister!

See Alyssa’s individual Senior Photoshoot Experience by clicking here.

Tyla will change the world someday. In the year that I have known her, she has met with key political figures in state government to talk about issues that are affecting her local community and age group. Is it a wonder that she was accepted to nine universities?

Click here to see Tyla’s individual Senior Photoshoot Experience

Joylynn will be your friend, no matter who you are. She has an open and welcoming personality that will rival all boundaries. Even her friends have told me what an amazing person she is- that’s something I don’t see unless this person is truly special, which Joylynn is!

Lauren is so fashionable and always on-trend. (I mean, look at her shoes!! :D) I have loved all of her outfits for her photoshoots because she has really great style! She also has a very kind and caring heart. I love listening to her stories because she is so funny!!

Caroline has overcome the odds of high school and has a long standing relationship with her boyfriend Jarod. The dedication and commitment that it takes to start a relationship before freshman year that will last you through senior year and beyond is incredible. 

Click here to see Caroline’s individual Senior Photoshoot Experience.

Hannah attends a prestigious high school in Tulsa and among keeping up with rigorous studies she also finds time for friends and three sports. Yes, she plays sports all year round and is a wonderfully talented athlete!

Meaghan has a mind that works in beautiful ways. In her model application, she stated she believes there is beauty in the ordinary and the average can be unique in its own right. She is absolutely right in her thinking! There’s an old motivational quote that comes to mind: Meaghan is someone that when the winds change direction, she adjusts her sails. 

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To see the Class of 2020 Senior Model Team’s first photoshoot of the year, click here. You’ll soon see why some of these images have them in groups of three.

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