Creative Headshots in OKC’s Paseo Arts District

In the last couple of years I have made it a habit to meet up with a small, exclusive group of local photographers in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. The main reason we meet is to photograph one another for headshots. For everyone who joins in, the point of the photoshoot may be different: photographers may want fresh headshots, photos of themselves for their marketing, portfolio images of multiple subjects within an afternoon, or want to practice their shooting skills on subjects who aren’t paying clients. These meet ups are great to hone photography skills and try new ideas, meet other photographers, and make new friends.

I always enjoy this time spent because they teach me so many things about how other photographers work with their clients. I also get to make new friends and see old ones; generally I get to shoot in new locations, which is always so inspiring. And after I receive my galleries from the photographers who photographed me, I have new images for my Instafeed! So fun!!

I have written blog posts before from these events on the power of having a strong and supportive community of like-minded friends. I have also posted on how these headshot events have been a refresh for me when I felt overwhelmed or overworked. But this last meetup was something completely different for me! Sometimes when you get in a pattern of doing something one way, it can be hard to self-examine your actions to see ‘is this working’ or ‘is this not working as well as it could’? This last headshot photoshoot get-together gave me an example of what I normally try to do with every photoshoot and helped me see that I love the result and the experience!

Meet Dennah. She somehow managed to make a group meetup all about me. She started by asking what I wanted from the photoshoot: what were my needs, if I liked a location, color, background, pose, closer shots, wider shots, what did I need for this to be successful for me? Immediately she narrowed in on what would make our time together the most beneficial. For her, she was serving me. I noticed through working with her over the next few hours serving those around her is something Dennah just does; it’s a part of who she is. She has a kind and thoughtful heart where putting others first is just a part of who God made. In this, she gave me an excellent client experience and one that I will not soon forget! Dennah cares about others, thinks quickly to provide immediate solutions to any situation, and creates an atmosphere of encouragement and confirmation when she is shooting that left me in awe!!

Thank you Dennah!!

I really appreciated working with you and the unbelievable photoshoot experience you provided me was-WOW! I am grateful for your example and it was one that I will not soon forget. In turn, I hope that you really love these images that are just highlights of your gallery that will be on it’s way to you shortly!

The first Oklahoma headshot meet up this year was in OKC, read all about it in the blog post I titled Whatever You Do… Find Your People. Oh yeah, my hair was long there too! That’s right before I cut off 14 inches to donate. ;D

The second meet up was in Tulsa where I was feeling weighed down and stuck creatively. But these ladies and fellow photographers unknowingly inspired me and gave me the refresh I was looking for! True Community Over Competition is a Gift.

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  1. Oh my word!!! You described her perfectly!! Gorgeous shots of a gorgeous lady!! Love you both!

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