Whatever You Do… Find Your People

The point of these stories is to say that whatever you do… find your people. At the beginning of last year, I was hesitant to join up with amazing photographers across the state of Oklahoma who have had some of the same training I have, who create amazing work, are such beautiful people, and have very similar styles to me. What if I don’t measure up? What if I have nothing to offer them? What if after a meeting I leave feeling ashamed of my business and my progress? What if my comparison gets the best of me? All of that, all of those thoughts and questions was just my fear creeping in. What follows here are stories from our first Oklahoma Photographer’s meet up of 2019 and why pushing past my fear is the best thing that has happened to me and my business.

We’re taking a break after working together for over two hours, us four friends, standing in a line on the top level of the greenhouse named the Crystal Bridge in Oklahoma City. We can see the Hawaiian-like tropical surroundings below us, as we seem to be standing in the sky with a bird’s eye view. I turned my back to Michelle, who is standing right next to me, with Beth and Maggie standing on the other side of her. I hold up my phone to start taking a video of this gorgeous location we found because the light, the light bounces everywhere and the plants, trees, and greenery are from another paradise! I have to capture it on video. Then Michelle throws her arm behind her to get my attention: “Amanda” she whispers. Then again, comes her hand to pat my side “Amanda! Amanda! PROPOSAL!” Immediately I whip around and instinctively press ‘record’ on my phone to capture a sweet proposal happening just below our level across the greenhouse. I didn’t even think about taking a video, I just did. In much the same way, Beth and Maggie didn’t even think about lifting the cameras they were holding to capture the moment, they just did.

 Photo by Maggie Ruth Photography Photo by Maggie Ruth Photography

Whatever you do… find the people who want you in on the joke, to see the surprise, and want you to be included in what they’re experiencing too. Find the people who want you with them too.

Another photographer friend, Amy, joined us as we switched locations from the Crystal Bridge to Katiebug’s Sips and Sweets as we were in search of a hot drink on a below freezing winter day. After the sun had gone down and we had spent all of our shooting time photographing each other and our lavish locations, we decided to end the night with a group dinner. We headed across the street from Katiebug’s to S & B’s Burger Joint for a late night meal before heading home. If you’re in Oklahoma City, go to both places! I highly recommend Katiebug’s coffees and sweet treats while S & B’s had the best Black and Bleu slider sized burger!!! The conversation between the five of us friends was one of support, advice, encouragement, and love. We laughed so much, we dreamed together, and I believe we walked away from that night better boss ladies than we were the day before, because of each other.

Whatever you do… find the people who will extend a helping hand. The darkness in this world will teach you to do anything to get ahead. Find the people who will help you up and who will support and encourage you. Find the people who have chosen to walk in the light.

From left to right: Amy, me, Beth, Maggie, and Michelle

Yes, even photographers have miniature celebrations and grin ear-to-ear when we see the back of each other’s cameras.

They may kill me for this one… Hahha. I love it though! It also has a little behind the scenes feeling to it.

Take a peek at my Favorite 18 of 2018 blog post, you might see a familiar face from this post! I also talk a bit about the importance of finding a community in point number three.

Our very first headshot meetup was in the spring of 2018 in Oklahoma City. (I don’t know why I can’t seem to remember to bring a coat because it is always so cold in the early spring but I keep forgetting!) Read about our very first meet up in this blog post!

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  1. Amy says:

    Great job!! You are an awesome story teller!!

  2. Maggie says:

    I feel like I just relived that day!!! all the happy feels
    Love all of you!!

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