Changing from ah Productions to Amanda Hitchen Photography

I asked him what he thought about me changing my business name. His response was, like always, very supportive and then a side of humor. My husband told me that if I was going to use his last name in my business then he would need a cut. I burst into laughter. As I am laughing, he follows up by informing me that Knuckles, our Rottweiler, would be representing him in all legal matters. I let him know that his legal counsel was currently sleeping on the job, curled up on the comfy dog bed in my home office. 

That was over a year ago. It took me several more months to verbalize the idea to other people who help me in my business, like my sister and my mom. They both loved the idea. I think it was my mom who asked “Why the change?” At the time, I didn’t quite know the real reason I wanted to change my business name; although I did have some really good reasons, I didn’t know the root of it just yet. 

ah Productions was a different dream. Being a true entrepreneur at heart, I had a plan for a unique or DIY-based wedding and events decor rental business that would also offer photography services. It sounds like a mess, I know, but I had it all planned out. I could put one of those two-story mini house looking sheds from Lowe’s in our backyard. I’d have the bottom level be a luxurious and white meeting and planning space, complete with faux white fur rugs, white plush couches, and a beautiful chandelier hanging from the ceiling. I’d also feature my photography on the walls as a promotion for my wedding photography services. While the stock of the rental business would be carefully packed upstairs on the second level. There were a lot of things wrong with that plan. One thing is for sure though, after graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts as a photography major and being so burned out on using my camera, my passion for running a successful photography company was always there.

During the preliminary planning phase of the decor rental business, I picked up my camera again and started photographing clients under the ah Productions name. It wasn’t until a few years later that I realized while I’d love to have a unique and DIY-based wedding decor rental business, what I love more is photography. I set down the plans for the two-story office in my backyard and became more serious about running the photography business I had dreamed about since I was a young girl. 

The problem? I was using a name that I had created for a different business venture. In my heart, it never felt quite right. With the rise of videography and the “Production” companies being largely cinema based, I knew it was time to own my profession and change my business name. So for the last year I have been working on a new website that would feature my new business name. It would also come with a color-concept that I spent many late nights selecting and fonts that I searched endlessly for. Over the past year I have listened to my heart more and decided that I would also like to focus more on senior photography and wedding photography. (I am in no way giving up on families, newborns, and other areas of photography- I would simply like seniors and weddings to fill more of my schedule and to become well known in these fields.) So my new name grew into a new website, which meant new font choices, colors, and then a new logo. While I was at it, I thought I might as well design my new website to feature the area that I intend to focus more heavily on. 

So there you have it. It’s a story line that has taken me years to live through but I think the lesson was well worth it in the end. 

The beautiful and amazing Hunter Henderson took the above images of me, although they are not my bright, vibrant airy style (they’re more dark and moody) I just love them! So I thought I would use them in this blog post to show off her talent. 🙂 Below shows you some headshots I took of her and the unusual location we found that gave us the most beautiful background!

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