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Have you felt it yet? I did. Just weeks before the end of my senior year, there was a feeling of change in my friends, our classmates, and in me. The high school journey that seemed so long was now coming to an end. In one moment, I was walking down the hall of my high school and I felt it. I wanted everything to stay the same but I was also unbelievably excited for what college and the future bring. I felt such freedom and relief as I knew school was coming to an end. Let’s freeze time and celebrate this moment in your life!


How did she get here? You blinked and your tiny baby was going to kindergarten. It seems like you’ve blinked again and she is about to graduate high school; in the coming months, she’ll start to find out what being her own person is like. She will really begin to make her own choices. Now is the best time to capture and celebrate this stage of life!

Graduation is a mix of end and beginning; leaving the nest and learning to fly.

A Graduation Photoshoot with ah Productions on Saturday, May 4th, 2019, allows you to celebrate the end of this milestone as you prepare for what comes next! Don’t settle with your graduation portrait as just one photograph and one simple pose but have 10 that show your personality, display your beauty, and show off your graduation outfit!!! This is the first time I have offered anything that might be called a “mini session” and I expect these spots to fill up fast! When they are gone, they’re gone!

WHO: Graduating class of 2019

WHAT: Graduation Photoshoot
20 minutes
10 edited images

WHEN: Saturday, May 4th, 2019
from 5:40pm to 7:30pm
4 photoshoot spots available

WHERE: Gilcrease Museum


WHY? Because you’ll never be here, like this, again!

DETAILS: Your senior year is coming to a close and your world will be soon changing in a very dramatic way. Don’t miss out on the chance to celebrate your last few months as a senior in high school with a Graduation Photoshoot! Bring your cap and gown, wear your graduation outfit or next year’s college t-shirt and let’s have so much fun! Graduation Photoshoots are for one graduating senior at a time and will be booked on a first come, first served basis. Please plan to have your photoshoot documents signed and invoice paid by April 27th.

Graduation is right around the corner!!!
Let’s celebrate!!

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