Workman Newborn Photoshoot

As the sun was setting in the backfield, the three of us tromped through the tall grass to meet her and the two dogs on the pathway. Our heads were filled with the dreamy, golden sunlight images that I just captured of Morgann and Kenmon in the field while she stood in front of us looking like she was hoping for more. “Is that it?” She asked us. We looked at each other, still pulling long blades of grass from our shoes and pant legs. “Yeah, we’re done.” I said slightly out of breath but enthusiastically. “Oh…” she looked at Morgann and Kenmon, the couple I just finished photographing, and started again “I thought that maybe there would be a surprise…” Morgann, Kenmon, and I must have started to look confused because then she explained that she thought their couples photoshoot was actually to announce that they were pregnant! (They weren’t yet…) She thought she was going to learn that she was becoming a grandma! 

I’ll never forget that moment. It’s always an honor to be a part of my client’s lives and celebrate the wonderful parts of life with them. It wouldn’t be for another year or so until Morgann and Kenmon would announce to their families that they were expecting their first child! Click here to read the blog post of when they found out they were pregnant themselves! I was beyond honored to capture their maternity photos and absolutely loved being able to meet sweet, precious, adorable (and all the lovely things) Miss Oaklynn Dawn. Born on September 9th and two-and-a-half-weeks-old on the day that I got to photograph her. 

Morgann and Kenmon,

Y’all are only a few weeks into parenthood and you’re already rocking it like pros! From the moment Kenmon answered the front door, holding Oaklynn, while feeding her, and letting me into your home for her photoshoot- I just knew. Y’all were made for this. It’s so sweet to watch you be parents and care for this new little blessing in your life. It was an absolute honor to photograph her, those two sweet pups, and you both for her newborn photoshoot. I hope you enjoy the highlights from your newborn session! 

Wondering where the link is for these two and their first photoshoot with the dogs? It’s right here– you can see the blog post from that photoshoot where she really thought she was becoming a grandma. That sunset was so dreamy, wasn’t it?

Epic Senior Lyricole is one of my senior models on my team this year. I just finished her photoshoot blog and let me tell you, that back field I talk about in my story above? Lyricole had part of her photoshoot there too. It was a gorgeous scene! Click here to see her blog post!

While I photograph mostly seniors and couples/ weddings, I still enjoy photoshoots of all kinds! If you’re interested in a photoshoot, please use my contact form to reach out.

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