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I can’t be reading this right. I blinked my eyes a few times to see if I could get them to focus better. No, it still says what I think it does. I sat in my office not even two months ago and stared at the email in front of me. It was late, I was very tired, but that really does say what I think it says. Then it hit me. YAY. Oh my. Yay! I mean, I don’t… YES!

At the end of January I carefully read over the image requirements, formatted my images to be exactly what they requested, and I drafted an email with all the needed information. I was preparing for my very first (yes, you read that right) submission to be published. I hadn’t done anything like this in the past and I wasn’t sure how to go about it. No less than two hours later I received the reply and I wasn’t sure I even wanted to open it, for fear that my hopes of being featured in a senior photography magazine would be crushed. I found the strength to click the email and read the words “Your images are beautiful and they are very hard to choose [between]. We would love to feature the two listed.” (See paragraph one for my response.)

…my absolutely favorite photographs from the year…

In selecting my images for the second issue of The Senior Best’s magazine (@theseniorbest), I opened all of my 5-star images from every senior photography session from the class of 2019. After a long process of sorting through images, I was so overwhelmed by the amazing seniors that I had the opportunity to work with over the year. Every single senior that I have photographed is unique and wonderful in his or her own right… how would I ever choose just four images to submit? I started to think of my absolutely favorite photographs from the year and the ones where I even stunned myself. I kept narrowing. I started to look for images with illuminating light and the glowy sunset. Then I selected images where the senior followed the style guide and had an outfit to fit the occasion of a national senior photography magazine. Then I finally found them: my final four images for my submission.

Two images from Hailey’s amazing sunset senior photoshoot at Woodward Park. One from Sabrina’s afternoon senior photoshoot in downtown Tulsa. And the final image is from Hannah’s glowy garden princess senior photoshoot in the backfields at Gilcrease Museum. All three of these ladies have incredible style and had well thought-out outfits with photoshoots scheduled when the lighting and the glowy sun light were fantastic! These three hit their Senior Photoshoot Experiences out-of-the-park and had a blast during each of their photoshoots.

I still can’t believe…

While I still can’t believe my work was printed in a magazine with other accomplished senior photographers around the United States, I do believe that the two senior selections, Hailey and Sabrina, deserve all the praise!!! They are gorgeous models and even more beautiful people. They both work tirelessly to maintain their grades in school, achieve their dreams of higher education, are active in school clubs or government, volunteer, help others, and are active in their local communities.

Here’s to you, Hailey and Sabrina! Thank you so much for allowing me the honor of photographing you. I am a better and more inspired person because of the time I spent with you!

Do you want to see more from Hailey’s amazing sunset senior photoshoot at Woodward Park?

Or maybe more of Sabrina’s afternoon senior photoshoot in downtown Tulsa!!

Perhaps you’d like to fall for Hannah’s glowy garden princess senior photoshoot in the backfields at Gilcrease Museum?

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  1. Maggie says:

    You totally deserve for your pictures to be printed!! They’re all that beautiful!!

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