Jenks Senior Hailey

Y’all should remember sweet Hailey from my Senior Model Team! She has been a humble, sweet and gracious senior model and I can’t thank her enough for her service to ah Productions. Besides that, she’s just a wonderful human being! She plans on taking her senior year of high school by storm; participating in many extracurricular activities and continuing a scholarly approach to her schooling. She’s going to have a blast this coming year!! After senior year, Hailey plans to become a Cowboy as she will attend Oklahoma State University next fall. We shot a few of her in favorite “pistols firing” t-shirt for her to use as graduation announcements. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!!

Hailey and her sister Reagan are pretty close and so she wanted to have Reagan in a few photographs with her, which is beyond sweet!! Closer to the photoshoot, Hailey’s mom asked if they could do a few family portraits as well; just the four of them. I was happy to oblige. During their mini-family photoshoot, Hailey’s mom told me this is the first professional family photographs of all four of them. I actually said “WHAT?” sounding a little shocked. How could this be? Their youngest daughter was starting her senior year in high school and these photographs would be their first as a family. THIS is why I love doing what I do; providing memories frozen in time for families to have forever. While I was lost in the honor the Berkinshaw family was giving me in photographing them, I also thought to myself ‘no pressure!’ Hahha.

The Berkinshaw family and I had so much fun with their mini-family photoshoot and Hailey and I continued the fun through the end of her photoshoot. Hailey’s gallery is full of beautiful images which makes it immensely hard to select a few for her blog post! Not only is she a great person to hang out with, but she’s also very pretty!! She’s been an amazing Senior Model and I have enjoyed serving her.

Hailey’s Senior Photoshoot Experience was captured at Woodward Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The front walk way to the Linnaeus Teaching Gardens is a beautiful spot, I am not sure I could ever get tired photographing there! We visited the green house, the top part of the rose gardens, and circled back to the front of the green house just as the sun set.

Hair and Makeup: Ulta

If you’re interested in scheduling a Senior Photoshoot Experience, skip the contact form on my home page and go directly to my Senior Experience Page to start planning your photoshoot! Filling out the questionnaire will provide the details we need to get the ball rolling right away!

This is my THIRD photoshoot with Hailey so far this year. She came to her cousin’s senior photoshoot experience; Hannah and Hailey are only four days apart!! They’re twin-cousins! Read more by clicking here to go to Hannah Ward’s Senior Photoshoot.

The name, Hannah, must have been very popular for girls about 17-18 years ago- click here to see another senior photoshoot, Jenks senior Hannah.

  1. Nikki Steele says:

    These are all so pretty! I especially love the pop of her magenta top!

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