Turning Two in the Oklahoma Countryside

She showed absolutely no fear as her little legs took her toward them as fast as they could. Running through the uneven pasture, she stumbled a few times, but she was seemingly determined to run as close as she could to the cows off in the distance. At the young age of two, her momma is always standing by to redirect her in times like these, and I assume there are a lot of these moments in little Reagan’s life. Kacie flawlessly swoops in, picks up Reagan, and carries her back to a safer distance from the free roaming cows. Reagan watches her target over her moms shoulder as she’s carried away from them. We were celebrating this little lady turning two in the Oklahoma countryside.

Kacie wanted Reagan’s two-year-old photoshoot to be at “Grandpa’s Farm” in Wagner County with the free roaming cows as a perfect backdrop for her little country girl. I loved the idea of a location that was special to them, making the photos even more significant to the family.  Kacie brought her sister, McKenzie, to help wrangle that sweet little girl, and oh my, am I glad she did!!! You would think the ratio of two adults to one two-year-old would be more than enough in a situation like this… however, when you add the camera, photoshoot props, a small cake, and the looming cows… I am so glad we had a third set of hands because we were all constantly saying “hold this, I’ll go get her.”

…the cows were very, very interested in Reagan and her cake…

Reagan’s photoshoot was in two parts: first, a section with her momma with custom made t-shirts that read ‘Mama’ and ‘Mini’. Then, a mini cake smash session with Reagan and the cows as the backdrop. We realized about half way through Reagan’s cake smash that the cows were very, very interested in Reagan and her cake. But more importantly, they saw a galvanized tub, which they probably get fed out of enough to think there could be food. Plus, even if I was a cow, I’d be thinking ‘also, CAKE!’ The cows came so close to us as I photographed little Reagan, Kacie or her sister had to back them up a few times. That was definitely a first for me, having free roaming cows that close! I was also in photographer heaven having those cows as a perfect bokeh backdrop during Reagan’s cake smash!

Kacie and Reagan, thank you so much for the opportunity to photograph you both in celebration of Reagan turning two. I loved every minute of chasing after Reagan with my camera and watching her fearlessly run toward the cows and enjoyed the precious hugs from Reagan. It was an honor for me to capture this stage in Reagan’s life; she is a sweet, yet very independent, young lady who knows exactly what she wants and is filled with determination. I can’t wait to watch her grow into a strong and successful young lady. I hope you enjoy a few highlights from your photoshoot!

Cake by McKenzie at Not Your Grandma’s Cupcakes

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