Amber and Nathan’s Tulsa Engagement Photoshoot

I had so much fun meeting Amber and Nathan for their fall engagement photoshoot. Amber was so excited and very quick with her responses during the entire planning and booking process before her photoshoot. I had not problem scheduling their engagement photoshoot for just a week later! Amber and Nathan’s photoshoot was on the Gilcrease Museum grounds in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We focused our time in the lower part of the park with the end goal of a glowy, sun-filled, tall grass field and oh. my. gosh… goal achieved! It was supposed to be a very, very cold day that turned out to only have a slight chill as the wind blew. But the sunset was amazing and very worth braving the Oklahoma wind!

It’s enjoyable for me to watch two people, newly engaged, show how they love each other. Nathan gives Amber stability and helps her in so many ways, while she gives him direction and acts as his North Star. They are so sweet to each other. I will have the honor of serving Amber and Nathan this coming spring on their wedding day. I can’t wait to photograph them once again; their love is evident in the way they gravitate toward one another.

In getting to know them during their photoshoot, I of course asked how they met. Their story is very in tune with how we socialize today; they met online! Nathan had just moved near the town that Amber is from. The three of us talked about how it seems harder to make friends after leaving school but moving to a whole new town?! It becomes infinitely harder! After Amber turned Nathan down a few times, his persistence paid off and she finally said yes! The rest, as they say, is history.

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