Newborn Aspen

The Fishers have an amazing sunroom that lets in three walls’ worth of wonderful and bright light. It’s the perfect spot for a newborn photoshoot! Any photographer will tell you the number one ingredient for great photographs is perfect light!

I was so excited to meet newborn Aspen! She decided she was ready for this world earlier than scheduled and it was just weeks between Leah and Tyler’s maternity photoshoot and sweet baby Aspen’s newborn photoshoot!

Aspen may be the calmest newborn I have ever had the pleasure of photographing. When she would get cranky about something we were doing, she’d only be mad about it for a moment or two and then settle into her new pose and be content again. At almost every point I thought ‘when ma’am finally loses it, it’s going to be bad!’ But she never did. I can’t wait to see how her temperament as a newborn translates to who she becomes as a tiny human, a teenager, and an adult.

On her photoshoot day, she was just over five pounds so moving, wrapping, posing, everything was a breeze and no matter how long I held her, my arms never got tired. I FINALLY got to use the soft white newborn sack that I love but is too small for most newborns- it fit her like a glove! I may have gone a little overboard on photographing that section because I was on cuteness overload!

Leah and Tyler had a stroke of genius when they requested for their maternity photoshoot to also be a family photoshoot. I happily agreed, yes! Little Fox should be in on the celebration as he’s gaining a little sister too! Click here to see their fantastic fall photoshoot!

But wait there’s more! Take a trip back in time to see little Fox as a newborn!! We purposefully posed miss Aspen just like her big brother Fox in some photographs, can you find which ones? Click here to check them out!

Finally, are you ready to schedule your own maternity or newborn photoshoot? Click here to go straight to my contact form and we’ll get the ball rolling!!

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