Jenks Senior Kathryn

Kathryn blows my mind! She is so sweet and delicate; she is kind in her words and soft in her conversation. However, I can tell she possesses a mental strength and a level of self-motivation that not many adults have, let alone a teen. She is a Lieutenant Governor for Key Club, which means her role involves not only volunteer work with her club, but also leadership and event planning within her division. She is active in speech and debate and plans to participate in mock trial during her second semester. Kathryn is taking this world by storm at only age 17! As you can imagine she doesn’t have much free time and when she does, she likes to sleep (ma’am, I feel you). Although she doesn’t quiet know where she is going to college next year, I know she will be an absolutely amazing addition to any university!

Kathryn is taking this world by storm…

Kathryn intentionally scheduled her photoshoot during early October, where the flowers are still blooming and grassy areas are green but she also wanted some fall colors in her photoshoot. I photographed her at Woodward Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma which hosts an evolving spectrum of fall colors as the leaves change through the season. This October (just like our spring) is taking forever to change seasons!!! I did, however, find her a single tree that was starting to turn colors and a few plants that provided some pretty fall colors too.

I had so much fun with Kathryn (and her lovely mother) during her photoshoot! I was so interested in hearing the details of where Key Club leads her and the kinds of activities and volunteer work she does through the club. She knows how to hustle with purpose, and it benefits others; we need more people like Kathryn in this world. What an uplifting and inspiring thought!

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