Newborn Ellanor

Little miss Ellanor caught her parents by surprise when they went in for a check up and found out they would be meeting their daughter very soon! Ella was born about 4 days before her due date, making a very timely entrance into this world, arriving on a Friday night. All of the people who have been waiting to meet her (myself included!!) could visit mom, dad, and baby in the hospital over the weekend. When she was nine days old, I went to Sarah and Josh’s home to photograph Ella, but let’s be honest, I really just wanted to hang out with her for hours on end!

Witnessing Sarah and Josh’s transition to becoming parents has been an amazing experience. If you watch closely, you can see how Sarah gravitates toward Ella but isn’t overbearing and freely gives her up for others to cuddle her. Josh has quickly become Ella’s swaddle king because that’s her favorite- to be cozy and warm. We had fun discussing who Ella may turn out to be more like: her mom or her dad. My hope is that she’s as beautiful as Sarah, as outgoing as Josh and has the ability to show intense love as I know she will be so loved.

This little, sweet tiny human is a true joy to be around, hold, and provide for. She doesn’t seem to need much and is pretty content the majority of the time. I hope she carries that attitude with her through life; the world will be her oyster. One day she will be grown and successful, but for now, we wish her to stay tiny just awhile longer. With her full cheeks and her cute nose, I know she has mom and dad wrapped around her finger and will want for nothing.

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  1. Alice says:

    Just beautiful! You captured the flawless beauty perfectly!

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