A Cool Fall Family Photoshoot in Tulsa

When they arrived, her mom took her out of the car seat to quickly get her changed into the photoshoot approved dress. Grandpa scoops her up and holds her close as the chilly air from a cold Oklahoma fall day causes her tiny nose to turn ever so slightly pink. Momma wiggles on her shoes as grandpa decides she could use his beanie to warm her and he plucks it off of his head to slide it over hers. We haven’t started their cool fall family photoshoot in a local Tulsa park yet, but I snapped a picture. It was too precious! His long white beard and shaved head makes him look like someone I might avoid when asking for directions but when he holds her his overflowing affection and care for his four month old granddaughter will completely melt your heart. He may be the most affectionate dad and grandfather I have seen in all my years of working with families. The ladies in his life are so important to him that he openly showers them with hugs and kisses on their foreheads.

If you all have been reading for a while now, Sarah and Josh Veldhuizen should be familiar faces along with little miss Ella. Sarah wanted a late season fall family photoshoot, and Woodward Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma was the perfect spot with huge oak trees that were just turning a soft color of orange! Our goal for the photoshoot was to capture all four generations of the Brackett family (Sarah’s side of the family) together. (We’ll call Josh an honorary member of the Brackett Family!) There were times during their family photoshoot that they laughed so hard it became contagious and I couldn’t help but to laugh as I photographed them! My abs ached on my way home, not from shivering but from the amount of loud, gut-level laughing we did in just one hour!

Dearest Brackett Family (and honorary member Josh),
Y’all are real champions and true Oklahomans to have stuck out your family photoshoot in the coldest days fall could provide in 2018! Your laughter and love for one another warms up your photographs in a way the sun never could. I really hope you cherish your fall family images for years to come. ,

Sweet Ella was crowned ah Productions newborn of 2018! Click here to see her newborn photoshoot.

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If you are ready to schedule your own family photoshoot, please click here to be taken to my contact form.

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