Hitchen Home … in the guest bathroom

While there isn’t a lot I can say about our guest bathroom, this is one room I enjoy decorating (even though the small space can sometimes be a challenge to complete and balance).

Throughout our home we have authentic African wood carvings that either my father-in-law or husband has brought home from the southern countries in Africa. Most are stained with shoe polish as opposed to typical wood stain and some of the carvings are made from a very fragile kind of wood. This makes cleaning a delicate process where the dye will transfer and come off a little bit each time they are cleaned, so I do not scrub them down very often.

I think I have been collecting items for this room for about a year (longer if you count the carvings!) It wasn’t until a recent trip to the Farmhouse section of Hobby Lobby that it all came together nicely. The screen print was a very rare find at a local store called The Market. I love the animals stacked one on top of each other: a very fitting selection of animals for this room! The saying is “Life was meant for good friends and great adventures.” Enjoy, my friends!

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  1. Love those candlesticks! Everything goes together so well, great job (:

    • Amanda Hitchen says:

      Thank you, thank you! I know I’m combing themes that don’t seem to flow together, it’s nice to know that others think they can too!! 🙂

  2. Lea Lawson says:

    Ooooh…very pretty!! Love the pitcher that the flowers are in! Great detail shots!!

  3. So cool! I love how bright it is in their! That curtain is the bomb. I also love the pinned elephant screenprint. Job well done! I’m sure you’re glad it’s done and can just look at it:)

    • Amanda Hitchen says:

      Thank you!! I do enjoy peeking my head in there to admire it all. That shower curtain was a rare clearance find from Cost Plus World Market!! I snatched it up immediately!!

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