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The transition my house goes through from Christmas to spring is just as amazing as watching the blooms appear on the trees, seeing the grass return to a lush green, and hearing the birds chirping outside for the first time. Christmas in my house is overwhelmingly cozy, covered in gold, red, and glitter, and reaches to every corner of almost every room. Creating this decor collection has taken me a decade, and packing it all up normally takes me days but this year, I’ll be honest, it has taken weeks. (I may or may not still have a slim tree sitting in my hallway.) Once Christmas has cleared out, then comes spring!! Welcome to the Hitchen Home in spring! Besides my subtle tweaking here and there, the majority of my spring decor will stay up through the end of summer until my heart wants the warm tones of fall (also, pumpkins!).

A byproduct of Paul going back to school is all the textbooks and school supplies needed within an arms reach. Since he has always liked to study at the kitchen table, I bought him a cabinet for his school stuff from Kirkland’s. When I say I bought him a cabinet, I think we all know I bought myself a cabinet for his things… right?

Over the New Year’s holiday, my mother-in-law and I took a trip to one of the most wonderful places on earth: Home Goods!! I found this small bouquet of flowers in a cement-like pot and what absolutely sold me was the ranunculus flowers. I LOVE ranunculus and dearly wish I could figure out how to grow them.

I hung this map last year; originally I wanted it in the office but then I got a wild idea to hang it in the kitchen. It fits perfectly between the back door and the bay window and I love that all of our guests get to see it. It belonged to my dad and hung in one of his rooms as a child. It clearly displays water damage and years of distress but I think it gives it character beyond anything I could buy from a store. This may be one of my favorite additions to the kitchen!

A few years ago, Paul and I took a road trip back home to Oregon and visited some of his family in Northern California on our way. Shortly after our arrival to his grandparents house, his grandma took me around her house picking up some of her things, looking at the bottom, setting it down, and moving onto the next object. I caught on when she handed me the first item and I peeked at the bottom of it to find Paul’s name. Ah-Ha! I know what is going on here. She had carefully selected items that would match our house so we could have something of hers. I am more than honored! Among those items were some adorable china plates from I. Godinger & Co. Above my bay window this year I paired them with my vintage farmhouse finds from some of my favorite antique stores in Tulsa.

Another new little thing this year, I added some florals to the entry way with the off-centered magnolia flower and leaves. I may have my eye on a slightly more floral-y wreath from Michaels… and apparently there’s a sale this weekend!

Father Along has been one of my favorite songs from Sunday morning for a few years now. I hand painted the letters in copper paint to make this sign. For me the song has a two-fold meaning in that eventually, as children of God, we’ll understand more as we grow, but also hopefully in heaven we’ll have even more understanding. The word sunshine and the feeling of the whole third line in the chorus reminds me of a song my dad sang a lot during my childhood, Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles. Standing in the light with Him is where the warm and comforting place is.

Farther along we’ll know all about it
Farther along we’ll understand why
Cheer up my brother live in the sunshine
We’ll understand it all by and by

My grams found a pair of teak wood picture frames and mailed them to me for a gift. They matched the wood stain of the two African spears perfectly! I alternated them with a slightly rustic pair of white and cream picture frames from Michael’s. I believe I found the mini greenery wreath from Hobby Lobby a few years ago. It wasn’t until just a few months ago that I had a few wedding images printed up just for these frames and I really love how they fit here.

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Can you spot the small differences between my mantel in this post and my past post about my living room decor?

Were you inspired? Feel free to pin the below images to your own decor boards!

  1. Alice says:

    Beautiful home! I love ranunculus flowers too!!! I’m thinking I need to make a stop by Home Goods…😝

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