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Good Morning!

In addition to photography, I have another passion: decorating. One thing that made me fall in love with this house is the corner mantel and fireplace. For all the faults this design creates for the rest of the room in seating and such, I just love the deep mantel and the space it gives me to create anything my heart desires. There is so much space on my mantel that during the holidays, this is where my Christmas village goes!

In the south and midwest, many people have signs that read “blessed” in their homes. While I like this and realize I am blessed beyond belief, I wanted something that had more of a personal meaning.

The idea of “father along” came one morning during church. It is one of my favorite songs that we sing in our little church. Although small, the voices we do have match that song like no other and my heart smiles when we sing it. And while it’s a song I like very much, it’s also a reminder for me to grow everyday. The song in general is about my life-long goal in faith and trust that in the end, we will have understanding.

When I was in college, I also worked at Pier 1 imports; I basically worked for merchandise back then. My decorating strategy is to combine Pier 1, Ikea, Home Goods, and now I frequent antique stores around my city. My mom got me hooked on Fixer Upper and I fell in love with Joanna Gain’s style and her way of decorating homes. (If I ever make it big, I would love to have her to work with me in designing and decorating my dream home. *sigh* Maybe some day. Hahha.) Since watching what Joanna finds at antique stores, I have loved going in and just imagining the possibilities of what I find. I occasionally take some things home, like this blue Westing House fan that I found a few years ago on my birthday. An absolutely perfect birthday present to myself.

After I am done decorating any portion of my house, I generally photograph it and then send those images to all the beloved ladies in my life who enjoy decorating as much as I do.

Want more decorating from the Hitchen Home? Take a peek at the Guest Bathroom!

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