Kevin & Cherrish’s Wedding

We say ‘two peas in a pod’ and ‘love birds’ to describe two people who, when they are around each other, fit just like puzzle pieces. But for a moment, imagine two people coming together, like halves of a puzzle. Each half displays a beautiful image by its self and each half can function just fine on its own… Until one magical day they found each other and came together to create the most amazing unity.

When I think of Kevin (prior to meeting Cherrish), he was a wonderful man who had created a great life for himself. However, when I think of Kevin now, after inviting Cherrish to join her life to his, he is a much brighter and better person. The change is noticeable. She brings out a tender, caring, and intuitive side to him, while he provides the stability and refuge she deserves after a start to life that was… unpredictable.

The two of them are like each half a puzzle coming together in so many ways and fitting each other completely and perfectly. Kevin and Cherrish, as a union, are more amazing than they could be on their own. They have a love that is visible and powerful, and could easily be envied. They have put each other first for many years now, and I know they will continue to do so for many, many years to come.

It was an absolute honor to photograph their wedding! I have known Kevin for a few years and when he and Cherrish met with me to talk about their wedding day details they said, “We want you, we trust you, and it has to be you.” My heart absolutely melted. Being a part of any wedding day is a responsibility I do not take lightly because the photography and their love for each other is what will live on into the future. So it is with absolute joy that I can share with you the below photographs from their wedding.

May I introduce Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Clark…

YES! This really happened! I just love it: walking out under an arch of lightsabers!

Kevin and Cherrish wanted family photos taken right after they said “I do.” It was so important to them to have a quiet and intimate moment to capture their first few minutes as a family.

Cherrish spent months hunting for and curating the perfect collection of centerpiece items and wedding reception decor. Her efforts more than paid off! Everywhere you turned was another vintage, love themed, super cute display waiting to be ‘ooh…’ and ‘ah…’ over!
Vintage books, florals and pearls, OH MY!

Venue: Greenleaf Barn, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Photographer: Amanda Hitchen Photography
Hair & Makeup: Lexi Does Hair
Florals: Coweta Flowers and Junkique
Event Coordinator & Caterer: Sheila Bisdee and Serving Hands
Assistant Event Coordinator: The Moment
DJ & MC: Matt Eidson, The Music Lynx Network
Bartender: Blue Label Bartending

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