Senior Model Team Christmas Party

To me, there is no better way to kick off the holidays than to celebrate the beginning of the season with my Senior Model Team! My models joined me for an ugly sweater Christmas Party where we ate wonderful food, decorated Christmas cookies, had fun in the Photo Booth, and laughed the night away. It was wonderful to decorate (and then eat) some festive sugar cookies. We sat around the table and chatted about their decorating skills, school rules, colleges, and the challenges they face. Decorating cookies and talking is kind of like the Christmas-version of sitting around the campfire and roasting marshmallows on a summer night. It’s a tradition I adored with my family for many years, and one that I enjoyed sharing with my Class of 2021 Senior Model Team’s Christmas Party.

I have always loved ugly Christmas Sweater parties and I loved hearing about each of the model’s sweaters and where they found it. Rylee has had hers since she was very young and worn it to every ugly sweater party since. Kimberly’s is themed with sombreros and chili peppers hanging off palm trees, and Kim got an A+ for effort with actual Christmas ornaments that she made as a child hooked into a white sweater. Gema was the big winner though: her sweater hit all the Christmas icons and was very cute! 

Thank you to the wonderful vendors who helped me put this event on for my team! 

Host: Amanda Hitchen Photography … Venue: Coworking Bravely … Photographer: MissChelle Photography … Charcuterie: Veldy’s … Cookies: Kayla Fay Creations

The team’s first group photoshoot was in two parts (thank you, COVID). Click here to see images from their very first photoshoot. The theme celebrates white summer dresses, garden flowers, and green grass! And then click here to see images from the second group of ladies and their shoot. 

In September, the ladies had their second group photoshoot, themed to celebrate their school pride in their senior year. The photoshoot is called: Home Team.

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