Tips for senior guy pictures

4 tips for a successful senior guy photoshoot

There are many celebratory events to commemorate a high schooler’s senior year! Having their Senior Photoshoot Experience is one of those events. It’s more than just a single photo for the school yearbook. It’s a photo session with different outfits and locations, and many seniors choose to incorporate props or items from their high school experience or hobbies to capture a little more of who they are in the photos. 

Starting each summer, into the fall and even spring of their senior year, there isn’t a bad time to have the Senior Photoshoot Experience! Some seniors have been planning their photoshoot since freshman year in high school and want their photoshoot right away, while others would prefer to wait until later in the spring and add in their cap and gown. There really isn’t a wrong time to schedule a Senior Photoshoot Experience!

While many people think that senior pictures are just for ladies, that just isn’t true. Every year I photograph a handful of senior guys! There are some key differences between a senior guy’s photoshoot vs. a photoshoot with a senior lady! Here are some of the tips that I have for a successful senior guy photoshoot:

1. Understand the motivation.

Most guys are getting their pictures taken because mom would like them to. Some senior guys look forward to having photos but generally not the actual photoshoot. In comparison, senior ladies have typically been dreaming and planning their photoshoot for a very long time!

2. Set a shorter time limit.

With this in mind, most of the senior guy photoshoots are my shorter package because they normally don’t want to spend two hours in front of the camera, changing locations and outfits. 

3. Move at a quicker pace.

I typically keep the photoshoot very fast-paced and will move them from spot to spot much, much, much faster than I would move my ladies! I have them do one or two poses and then we move to the next spot and pose so it helps keep the process interesting. 

4. When we are done, we’re done! 

If I know I have everything I need 30 minutes into a 45 minute photoshoot, I’ll let the senior know and if they want to finish early, they can. If they want to use all of their time to get the best images in their gallery then we stay and finish out their shoot time! 

At the end of the majority of my guy senior photoshoots they’ll say something along the lines of “I am surprised, I actually had fun!” Or “That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!” Very high praise in my book!! 

If you are a senior guy (or even a senior lady) and are ready to schedule your Senior Photoshoot Experience, click here to complete my questionnaire! This is the very first step in your experience. YAY!

Meet Booker T senior Emeline, she brought her A-game to her photoshoot and I just loved, LOVED every shot and pose. I’ve worked with her a few times so far this year but for her senior pictures, she came out of her shell!

Union High School senior AJ was so fun to photograph, strolling along Broken Arrow’s Main Street. He brought his violin and was sure to dress the part! What a great senior guy photoshoot!

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