Broken Arrow Senior Anna

The sweetest words a client can say: “Whatever you think is best, we trust you completely.” Anna and her mom both must have said this to me at least a few times to start Anna’s Senior Photoshoot Experience. Anna leaned into her session and took everything in stride. She was so wonderful to work with and I really enjoyed photographing her. She’s naturally stately and I would often find her sitting in perfect poses as she was simply observing the trees around her. Many of her starting poses were because I was doing something (not photographing her) and I would look up to find Anna gracefully in a natural pose. What a delight she was!

Concurrently with finishing high school, Anna is taking courses at Tulsa Tech for cyber security. She wants to have the skills to help small business owners and not let them fall victim to hackers and viruses; what a special and unique desire for helping people! I think it truly shows her generosity and kindness for others!! She had a lot of questions for me about my website and I could tell she is genuinely interested in the tech that drives our modern world. 

Anna braved the start of the cold snap last week and wanted to proceed with her photoshoot as scheduled, so long as it wasn’t raining. This Broken Arrow High School senior’s photoshoot was on the Gilcrease Museum grounds by the lower pond and gazebo. She was drawn to the trees, the gazebo and the fun color of the algae in the back part of the pond. 


You have no idea how much of a treat it was to photograph you for your Senior Photoshoot Experience! Thank you for trusting me fully and being comfortable in front of my camera. You were a gem. I know that you will be an amazing support for small businesses after you are certified and have completed your training. As a small business owner myself, this thought and motivation was touching and it shows a piece of your sweet heart. I really enjoyed getting to know you and I hope you love the highlights from your photoshoot! 

2020 threw everyone for a loop, senior Payton didn’t want to miss out on her Senior Photoshoot Experience, even though she has already graduated! Click here to check out what she’s been up to since high school.

This romantic Oklahoma city proposal has nothing to do with senior photography but I can’t help but share!! Colt’s proposal to his sweet girlfriend Greer was one of my favorite photoshoots this fall… and of course, she said yes!

If you’re interested in scheduling a Senior Photoshoot Experience, skip the contact form on my home page and go directly to my Senior Experience Page to start planning your photoshoot! Filling out the questionnaire will provide the details we need to get the ball rolling right away!

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