Maternity Photoshoot at Ray Harral Nature Park in Broken Arrow

Her stomach didn’t feel quite right but she brushed it off, after over a year could this really be it? He looked at her with tears in his eyes and all he could softly mutter was “Babe.” She thought he was joking. She laughed, playfully punched him in the arm, and asked him to stop messing around. So Kenmon showed Morgann her positive pregnancy test and her reactions quickly changed from hoping to fulfillment and excitement. They were finally getting the baby they had wanted for so long. 

At 34 weeks pregnant Morgann is just stunning and Kenmon is so excited to become a dad! While this is such an exciting time for them, it hasn’t been without its trails. I could not imagine being pregnant, for the first time, during a worldwide pandemic. But here she is! Morgann has gone to all of her specialist appointments without Kenmon by her side to support her. They have traded baby showers to drive by greetings with some of the ones they love most in life. Through it all, Morgann has kept her head held high and she has a good kind of anxious energy about her; as the weeks go on, she’s ready to meet her baby girl! 

Morgan and Kenmon’s maternity photoshoot took place at Ray Harral Nature Park along the gorgeous tree-lined pathways. Oklahoma gave this sweet momma-to-be a nice break with an amazingly cool 80 degree, sunny day! What an amazing gift for a maternity photoshoot in the middle of summer.

Morgann and Kenmon,

I am so excited for you to become parents! You are some of the most easy-going, kind, and fun people I know and I just have a feeling that your daughter will be as cool as you one day. I really loved working with you again for your maternity photoshoot!!! I am so honored that I could capture this memory for you. I hope you enjoy a few highlights from your photoshoot!

While they are first time parents, Morgann and Kenmon have two fur babies. I met Zeus and Athena last year during their fur-family photoshoot! This photoshoot was so adorable- click here to see the other loves of their life.

I cannot get enough of this adorable French-Country inspired engagement photoshoot at Pecandarosa Ranch in Owasso! Tess and Wyatt have known each other since the 4th grade and dated all through college. Click here to see these love birds and see their story!

While I photograph mostly seniors and couples, I still enjoy photoshoots of all kinds! If you’re interested in a photoshoot, please use my contact form to reach out.

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