Bridal Portraits: 6 reasons to have a bridal portrait photoshoot

Bridal Portraits are intimate and show you in the nearly-ready moments of excitement, beauty, emotion and “giddiness” before you make the biggest commitment of your life. Generally, bridal portraits are scheduled closer to your wedding date when your dress has been altered and your wedding day look is planned out. But there’s more to these portraits than having fun and getting to wear your dress while day-dreaming about your upcoming wedding day… so much more. This special photoshoot is booked separate from your wedding day package and the images are kept secret until after you are a married lady! I think the hardest part will be having such beautiful images of yourself and not being able to share them with the love of your life.

1. It’s a live trial. This is a great opportunity to confirm that you are on the same page as your wedding/ bridal vendors. Having your hair and make-up just the way you want it will boost your confidence going into the wedding day! If you have final notes for your stylists, this is a great time to provide them and give your wedding day look a whirl. Along with making sure your dress fits like a glove and your accessories pair well with your look, you can also test out all of your undergarments for the special day.

2. Helps you finalize your getting-ready timeline. Having all of these appointments timed perfectly will keep you from running behind schedule on the day of your wedding. You might consider adding a little extra time though, just for last-minute wedding day things that might pop up. 

3. Speaking of running on time… sometimes weddings don’t. While your vendors will try their best to keep your special day on track, having your bridal portraits done already is a huge relief. While I’d say it is still important to get a few bridal images of you on your wedding day, you won’t have to feel like you missed out on anything if the time we have for portraits on your big day is cut short.

4. Bridal portraits can be more editorial. You can take this opportunity to test your bridal bouquet or include some items that you wouldn’t normally have at your wedding. From vintage furniture to a four legged friend, you can incorporate some of what is special to you in your life right now. Maybe even something sentimental like a grandmother’s ring or your mother’s vail would be great features in a photoshoot like this, especially if you don’t plan to wear/ have these items on your wedding day!

5. Location, location, location! On your wedding day, there will be tables, chairs, decorations, and vendors moving all around putting final touches on every inch of your venue. Which could limit your spots to be photographed. If you choose to have your bridal portraits at your wedding venue, you’d have the whole place to yourself! Or you may choose a completely different location. Perhaps a place that you have always admired or one that is significant to you. You really can’t go wrong here.

6. Printed portraits at your wedding reception. One popular wedding reception gathering places is where the bridal portraits are on display! This might seem a little bit uncomfortable at first but most of your wedding guests will love these prints. They’ll see you only for a moment to say “hello and congratulations” and then you’ll be off to the next guest. It’s not enough time for your favorite aunt to really get a good look at you. Your bridal portraits display the beautiful details of you, showing them to the people you love the most! They adore you and they would love to see you larger than life!

Bridal Vendor Team

Venue: Pecandarosa Ranch … Photographer: Amanda Hitchen Photography … Bride: Kristin Vanover … Dress: Amazon … Floral: Ever Something … Makeup: MLB Artistry … Hair: Chelsea Bergin Hair … Host: Beth Hanson Photography … Car: Juan and Blanca Charles

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