Sequoyah High School Senior Ryly

She said at the start that it would be an adventure… oh boy, was she right. Half way through her Senior Photoshoot Experience, Ryly, her mom Ginger, and I were walking back toward our cars in downtown Tulsa. I was already thinking about Ryly’s second location and what spots to photograph her in. When a couple driving a two-person Mercedes-Benz drives up next to us and offers for us to use their car. Like, no joke. He drove up the street and turned it around (at my request, so we could have the buildings in the background), parked it in the middle of the street, and they both climbed out. We were in shock but so excited for the opportunity! “Hop in!” He tells Ryly. It was an adventure for sure! We only took a few minutes of their time; they were outrageously nice to offer us the use of their beautiful car!

Ryly is, of course, gorgeous, but she’s also incredibly sweet, and up for anything! She’s from a small town in Oklahoma right next to Tenkiller Lake; she joked that there’s not much to do but play in the dirt. So this adventurous senior wanted her photos done in Tulsa to have locations that would be slightly different from her hometown. We talked a lot about travel and all of the places she’s been: Japan, Canada, and throughout the US. The places she had planned to go before COVID: Germany, Austria, and more. She definitely has the ‘travel bug’ and wants to experience a lot in her life. After high school, Ryly has her sights on attending college to become a financial advisor. While Math wasn’t her favorite subject in school, she’s really good with numbers. Her future plans are to live in a city and then after a little while, move back to a town where all there is to do is play in the dirt.

We started Ryly’s Senior Photoshoot Experience in downtown Tulsa, where the one thing she wanted most from her photoshoot was a few images of her walking down the street with the buildings in the background. After our adventures downtown, we went to Woodward Park where the sun was setting and the best moments of golden hour were on display. The light where Ryly is standing in the Rose Garden is just dreamy!


You were awesome! I had an amazing time hanging out with you for your Senior Photoshoot Experience!!! The best thing that made it so great is that you were up for anything. I don’t think the 18-year-old version of myself would lean on a stranger’s sports car, but you did, and you killed it! The outfit, the car, your confidence, it makes all those images! I hope you keep the adventure mindset throughout your whole life because you can discover so many more wonderful things in life with it! I can’t wait to see where life takes you next and what adventure you go on. I hope you enjoy the highlights from your photoshoot!

One thing is for sure, Cassidy and Lily’s Senior Photoshoot Extravaganza was another photoshoot of a lifetime! I don’t know if I’ll ever routinely shoot seniors in Oregon but this was so fun to do for them!

My Class of 2021 Senior Model Team is so awesome! I can’t brag on these ladies enough!!! Click here to see the first team photoshoot of the year. Some ladies had to miss their first photoshoot and so I decided why miss yet another event? I held a makeup photoshoot, don’t miss that one either!!

If you’re interested in scheduling a Senior Photoshoot Experience, skip the contact form on my home page and go directly to my Senior Experience Page to start planning your photoshoot! Filling out the questionnaire will provide the details we need to get the ball rolling right away!

  1. Dee Williams says:

    The pictures turned out great! We loved sharing our car and the shot turned out perfect! By the way Ryly, my daughter and I both have “Hope and a Future” tattooed on our foot! Jeremiah 29:11! Have an awesome senior year!

    • Amanda Hitchen says:

      I can’t thank you and your husband enough so the offer!!! Y’all are so generous and that was a highlight for Ryly and I.

  2. Nikki S says:

    Wow!!! What a gorgeous session! I just love your Downtown Tulsa images, and the golden hour glow is amazing!!! Your senior rocked it!!

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