Newborn Farah

I trust they will be sweetly showing her the way through life just like they helped their newborn sister during her first photoshoot. Stella and Juno have been behind my camera since… Stella only a few years old and Juno wasn’t here yet. I have photographed these two their whole lives and they finally have an adorable baby sister and a reason for another photoshoot! They were so excited for Farah and her photoshoot day, they offered endless suggestions and helpful little hands.

Newborn Farah is coming into the world at very interesting time. She won’t remember the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19, the fact that only her mom and dad were allowed at the hospital when she was born, or her sisters wearing masks at their Gigi’s hair salon during her newborn photoshoot. As everyone in Farah’s world adjusts to the “new normal”, it is so easy for all of that to slip away when you hold her. A newborn baby has incredible power to melt away all that is happening in the world as they calmly sleep in your arms.

Last year, older sisters Stella and Juno had the ultimate princess-playground photoshoot at the Gathering Place. Their dresses were so adorable!

What was the first thing you did after quarantine? I headed to Downtown Tulsa and then Woodward Park with seven other photographer friends. We spent an afternoon on the town taking each other’s headshots!

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