Princess Photoshoot at Tulsa’s Gathering Place

I told them their princess photoshoot at Tulsa’s Gathering Place had come to an end and I was going to photograph some flowers on my way out of the park while they stayed to play on the giant wooden castle. Which was met with instant pouting expressions and a few whines. “Mrs. Amanda, it’s over?” they asked, not really wanting to know the answer. “The sun has set my dear ladies and so yes, we have to be done with our photoshoot. But come here, give me one last hug, and then you both have so much fun playing with your Gigi until it’s time to go home.” They ran to me as fast as their legs could carry them, wrapped their sweet arms around my legs and waist, and gave me some squeezes that made me laugh.

I have had the absolute pleasure of photographing Stella and her little sister, Juno, since they were newborns. It has been amazing to watch them grow and develop into tiny people over the recent years. In past photoshoots, I would pose Stella and let Juno follow her lead or have Stella help me with sister’s pose; but this time, Juno was ready to have her own posing direction. She even inspired some of the poses just by being herself!

I met Julie, their Gigi, with Stella and Juno at Gathering Place in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They wore fancy princess dresses to play on the large castle for half their photoshoot. After a wardrobe change, we hit the rest of the park and played on anything they wanted to play on! I love both of their adorable outfits! I asked Juno if her cute jean/ dress might come in my size and she didn’t seem to think it did. Hahha!

Julie, thank you for setting up a photoshoot for these young ladies year after year. I enjoy them so much!! They are so inspirational and full of life; as an adult we can lose that, and they bring that back home for me. I really hope your family enjoys these highlights from their photoshoot!

Click here to see Stella and Juno’s spring photoshoot last year. I photographed them just as the white trees were starting to bloom.

Katie and Dywren had their engagement photoshoot at Gathering Place as well. Click here to see their gorgeous golden hour photographs on the wooden castle!!!

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