Post-Quarantine Headshots

What’s the best way to end a 6 week quarantine? I did what most of y’all did and got together with my friends! Months ago, we planned a headshots event for our group of photographer friends to get together and take each other’s headshots. Each time we do this I learn more about how important it is to find your tribe, your version of #CommunityOverCompetition, your group of like-minded people. It’s so much fun to photograph other photographers and be photographed!! We were worried that the pandemic would mean we had to cancel or postpone our meetup when, in fact, the date landed just outside the state of Oklahoma opening back up so we were lucky enough to be able to get together.

Our Oklahoma photographer group has held multiple zoom meetings throughout the quarantine. And, oh boy, am I thankful for those meetings and for their community!! Closing restaurants, sporting events, schools, churches, and almost any place that would bring people together has been hard on all of us. There’s not a person in the world that has been unaffected by COVID-19. (Although I did see that meme asking if anyone told the Amish what was going on…) Every person has a different story about this time. For some, it has slowed or paused business. For others, it has been a record year. But for these ladies and I, we have one very big thing in common: we’re entrepreneurs/ business owners/ hustlers. And each one of us had to put down our cameras, postpone our photoshoots, and pivot. What is great is that we were able to keep in touch and support each other. What was better was seeing their faces and working with them after months of not working!

Here are just a few highlights from the ladies that I did get to work with during our photoshoot. Please meet Andrea and Allix (both in white shirts), who I haven’t photographed before. Kristi (pink shirt), who I have photographed once before. And Michelle (lovely yellow dress) who is finally home from her study abroad and I am so glad to have this friend back stateside!

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Would you like to plan your headshots photoshoot? Click here to go to my contact form and get all the information you need or to get started on planning your photoshoot!

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