Union High School Senior Caroline

She had only a few more minutes to go but she had worked hard for the past two hours and I could tell she was getting tired. “Jarod, can you stand right behind me and be her hype man?” Like every good boyfriend, Jarod came and stood right behind me, and Caroline’s face absolutely lit up! I had finished a section of images where she was giggling and smiling at the camera, when I had Jarod step in to hype her up, the results were amazing! Caroline and Jarod have been dating through all of high school and their love story is so sweet. It is absolutely no wonder at all that he knows how to lift her up.

Next year, Caroline plans to stay at home and attend Tulsa Community College where she will complete her associate degree and move to a four-year university. She doesn’t know what she wants to study or what she might major in but she knows it’s not music. Caroline has played in band throughout high school and it’s been a big part of her experience; but she loves it mostly for the people, time with her friends, and of course Jarod! Check out her Letterman’s jacket at some point: you’ll see she has accomplished a lot in band and is really great at it too.


I enjoyed getting to know you through the year and working with you while you’ve been on my Class of 2020 Senior Model Team! It’s a bittersweet thing to have you be on my team, get to know you, and then towards the end of the year to say “goodbye”. I know you will accomplish so many wonderful things in the years ahead and I can’t wait to see it all unfold!! You are an incredibly kind and lovely young lady, and I have been honored to play a role in your senior year. I really hope you enjoy the highlights from your Senior Photoshoot Experience! 

About a year ago was Caroline’s first Senior Model Team Photoshoot when spring was just coming to life… click here to take a trip back in time and see her images featured in the blog post!

Caroline and AJ, another recent Senior Photoshoot Experience, are friends although he is in orchestra and she’s in band, music is definitely something they have in common. Click here to see his skills on the violin!

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